Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Autumn Leaves Kicking Boot


After months of planning, mood boards, factory visits and samples, the fruits of the sixbysixbloggers project officially launch today. Now, if you've somehow missed my previous posts on the project (here and here), sixbysixbloggers is an exclusive creative collaboration driven by global online marketplace Farfetch that showcases the production skills of cool shoe powerhouse Six London whilst satisfying the design whims and extravagent fancies of a selection of bloggers. Along with Susie, The Man Repeller, Stockholm Streetstyle, The Cherry Blossom Girl and Facehunter, I've been able to create my dream pair of shoes - the Autumn Leaves Kicking boot. To think that this design idea has been pinballing around my brain for years has now been realised is nothing short of remarkable. Thanks to the talented team at Six London I've been able to create a true harvest festival of footwear in a limited run of just twenty pairs. Over the weekend, on a perfect misty autumnal morning, I squeezed my feet in to the sample and celebrated the imminent launch by kicking leaves in the park. 

As previously mentioned, the inspiration for my design centred around my love of the timing of its launch. Now is the time when the rich colours of autumn really come into play and I strive to envelop myself in nature's most magnificent palette as much as possible. These Autumn hues of plum, rich red, deep green and various shades of brown should all be celebrated. Even the sound of walking through crisp leaves excites me and I wanted to create a shoe that replicated this feeling even walking on the greyest of pavements. As I walked through the park, surrounded by leaves and little else (the odd dog walker aside), my love for the season was only heightened by the boots.

Kicking leaves in the boots for the very first time. 
My celebratory outfit includes Dries Van Noten jacket, Whizz Ltd knit and Chinos by Ben Sherman

It is a strange feeling wearing a pair of shoes that you have had some hand in designing. Something I really did not think I would ever do. These boots really are my dream shoes (for this season atleast) and I'm so happy with how they've turned out. This strange feeling will only be heightened if I ever see people wearing them out and about. Thankfully, I've been eased in to this week by a blog post from the lovely Anastasia and Duck. It'll be interesting to see them out of the blogosphere though. 

Now, if you're interested in the launch and in acquiring appropriate footwear for kicking leaves you'll have to be quick as there are only twenty pairs available. Given the limited run of the shoes, the sixbysixbloggers project launches privately today to those who signed up for updates, before launching for everyone else on Thursday. Now, I'm off to kick my way through more leaves...


Edit: As mentioned above the boots shot here were just samples. I was just too eager and excited to wait for the finished article. However, this morning I had a package from FarFetch. As requested, the leaf print has been tweaked for an even more intense autumnal feel. The result is a much richer print. Without further ado, here they are...

Currently only available to those who signed up to receive more information about the launch, the sixbysixbloggers will be on general sale tomorrow. Happy leaf kicking!


Duck said...

Lovely? You clearly haven't met me first thing in the morning. Oh, wait, we haven't actually met at all...

Anonymous said...

So Beautiful... I have no words to describe this obsessionnal desire to buy it...


Anonymous said...

Did you have to go bare feet for some of those shots? Or were you prepared with spare shoes?

Appreciate the texture of the sole and the stitching. The overall look is fantastic.

Great work.

Xavier-Raphael said...

the actual print on the shoe should have richer colors..i'm really not liking this.

Unknown said...

I just love all the shoes you feature here!

Your Filipino reader.


Style Salvage Steve said...

Duck: That's true, I've only ever seen you from afar. Lets make it happen!
younglington: Ha, thanks so much! Let me know if you get them, I'd looking forward to seeing them worn by other people.
Anonymous: Ha, I'm no amateur! I took another pair of shoes with me for the shoot. Pleased to hear that you like the design.
Xavier-Raphael: I agree and that was my reaction after I saw the sample. The shoot only featured these samples. However, the finished article arrived this morning and the print is so much richer. That said, I know the shoe won't be to for everyone.
Vergil Chua: Thanks so much. What can I say...I love shoes! Strange to see shoes that I've played a part in designing featured though.

Damar Rivillo said...

aweson shoes... I would like some one like these

Brad Schenker said...

Are these for sale yet I can't find them on the sixbysixbloggers website and would you be willing to sell the sample? I would love to have them if they are between size 10-11

Chrissi Lai said...

Not going to lie at how fit your boots are!!! Any chance of you transferring those print onto heels?

Feel free to comment/follow

EJ said...

Brad, you can buy the shoes here I think: http://shop.sixlondon.com/shopping/men/cat-shoes/item10140698.aspx (and I think they should be on the Farfetch website soon as well)

Matthew Spade said...

just so good, must be so nice to tell your friends/family about this little venture. and further down the line imagine telling your kids!

to see someone in them is going to be super surreal, i sort of imagine you to feel an emotion that you have never felt before


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