Thursday, 15 March 2012

In discussion with Satyenkumar Patel

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Over the coming few weeks we'll take a long admiring look Satyenkumar's AW12 collection, Portrait, but today, we just want to share a few stolen snippets of thought from the seasoned design talent. Here, we help continue the dialogue around men's fashion and style on a Thursday evening by stoking the embers of discussion with a quick sit down with Satyen.

What is the best piece of style advice you have ever received, given or heard?
During my MA day at CSM... "You don't need to scream to be heard" Professor Louise Wilson OBE

Tell us about your most stylish moment or memory.
Purchasing a pair of High Top Lanvin boots from the store opening in Savile Row, though they have seen better days.

Each season the same few (designers) are talked about. Who do you think deserves a little more love, old and/or new and why?
Satyenkumar, need I say more?

Is there a neglected item of clothing or accessory that you'd like to see more men wear?

If you could go back in time and experience any fashion moment, what would it be?
Gianni Versace, Miami days!

What does the word masculinity mean to you?
Image, Presence, Stature, Poise.


Duck said...

"You don't need to scream to be heard" is good advice. It would be wise for many London menswear designers to take heed of it.

Style Salvage Steve said...

Duck: Completely agree but I'm afraid that in some quarters that feeling just isn't shared. In most cases designers are told to strain their throats somewhat.

sarwar said...

nice work keep it up

Syed said...

I read that quote and thought "Give that woman a medal"...then realized the relative redundancy of that thought. But yes, everyone these days seems to be screaming from the rafters for attention, so I immediately take interest in any designer actually paying attention to the details and putting something thoughtful out.

Anonymous said...

Wooo satyen! Big fan of your work


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