Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Travel companion


These past few days have seen me traverse an extremely muggy Hong Kong. As great a guide as Susie is, the city is a mysterious one and there is just so much to discover just wandering the streets, looking up, around and inside. It is these discovered pleasures which the are best and after unearthing the sartorial sanctuary that is Moustache on my first visit and the carefully curated Kapok on my second, expectations are high on my latest hunt and the net has been cast over the entire city. My faithful, functional companion on each of my multiple excursions has been the Swedish army backpack that I snapped up at Strut Man last month. 

Lust at first sight in Strut Man.

Strut Vintage's knowledgeable owner Ariana Weldon was unusually stumped by the specific details and history of the backpack but that didn't deter me from falling for its obvious charms. As it proudly hung from the rail, it was lust at first sight. Packed with functional details, the backpack is still rigid and durable yet perfectly aged. Hard yet soft. Part of me feels like a giant turtle the moment it is slipped over my shoulders - I could happily live out of it for a while and feel right at home with it on. Now, I might not know anything about its past but I'm looking forward to exploring the present and the future with it. Here's to much more exploring and purposeful wandering...

Vintage backpack teamed with a work coat by Mr Gentleman (bought here in Hong Kong) and a white t shirt from Sunspel.


Julia said...

This bag is so vintage! Really really nice and very handy, too.

Mat said...

it's a nice bag and trusty companion but i have to say that coat overshadows it for me, need to see more of that beast

Kate said...

It's an amazing bag - I agree with Mat on the coat, let's see it in all it's glory!

Style Salvage Steve said...

Julia: It is handy. I should have mentioned that the bag makes me feel like a turtle. I think I could easily live out of it.
Mat and Kate: ha, thanks and don't worry you will!

Andudei Hardyanta said...

The bag is so vintageously awesome, it suits the coat well.


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