Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Style Stalking (Snapshot)... Andrew Green

Perfectly nestled inside a railway arch just off the creative hub of Kingsland Road, Primitive is a boutique, gallery and intimate event space, stocking underground designers from London and Tokyo. from the mind of Lui Nemeth and Andrew Green, this ever surprising space strives to showcase the most innovative and original creative talent through a myriad of mediums and projects. Both Nemeth and Green lived in Tokyo in a past life and the moment you walk through their giant red threshold, you feel as though you've been transported to Aoyama or Koenji. Last weekend we popped over to have a good nose through the likes of Cassette Playa, Ambush, Cottweiler and Nadir Tejani and couldn't resist shooting Andrew because he brings the rails to life...

Andrew Green outside his arch wearing... 
cap by nukeme, sweatshirt by Cottweiler, shorts by Cassette Playa, leggings and a pair of Nike Airmax Sunsets.


Anonymous said...

Am I missing something? This guy looks terrible. Everything from the sweatshirt to shorts to haircut.

Awful, really. What gives?

Si said...

Was this London? So so Tokyo. Refreshing to see this style so far from Japan.

joejoe said...

Seriously, when you post something as terrible as this it just shows how effected and clueless you are.
This guy looks confused and utterly terrible. I understand those who want to look "original" but most of the time those individuals just look like they have tried too hard...like this guy.
Seriously terrible outfit and it's doing no favors for this poor chap.
People need to be a little more honest with themselves when they look in the mirror.

Anonymous said...

I personally love the relaxed sporty layers on show here.

Style Salvage Steve said...

Well it seems this outfit post is quite divisive. I want the Style Stalking section to be as wide ranging as possible. Surely it would be so very dull if everyone featured looked the same.

JoeJoe, we're really not used to such strong negativity posted in the comments section. If you look through the archives I'm sure you'll all find something that interests you and if not, you can always look elsewhere.

joejoe said...

Hey Steve, Respect to you. Love the blog and always check in. I guess my comments were quite strong, but seriously I feel like were all "settling" or saying we "like" something for the sake of feeling accepted or a part of the pack.
Anyway...You're right to post the outfit as a more diverse look into trends and what people are wearing.
Keep up the great work. I know this blog would take up alot of your time, but you do it well :-)

Kstylick said...

I like his shoes there. :)


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