Monday, 9 July 2007

Launching the first campaign: Hats

I think it’s about time the everyday hat made a comeback. It completes an outfit, rounds it off so nicely. What better time is there to start a hat habit than summer? A hat in summer can protect your scalp from burning, keep the sun from your eyes (squinting and the crows lines you get from squinting are not a good look) and cover your hair in summer showers.

I am talking not of the cap, trucker, baseball or otherwise. I feel no campaign is needed for these. Nor am I talking of bowler or top hats, which I feel are resigned to history, fancy dress or weddings. I am talking more of the trilby, fedora or similar. Something a little dressy, a little structured but not too much so.

Just look at the street scenes in almost any film made the 50s or earlier to see how commonly the hat used to be worn and how much better it makes almost everyone look. Something to point out, however, is that this is not something that should be worn with jeans… somehow it jars too much for me to see someone wearing a trilby with such a casual and usually scruffy piece of clothing underneath. I am sure people will disagree with me here, so feel free to send me pictures to change my mind. For me, a hat should be worn preferably with a comfortable looking day suit, some casual trousers or maybe, since we are starting in summer, some nice shorts.

This is just a beginning: a theme we will pick up again as I know Steve is intending to begin this (yet another!) clothing habit and therefore this discourse will continue anew. In the meantime, here are a few pictures:



Jimmy Stewart

James Stewart looking a little shifty


Bogart- cigarette optional but love that coat

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Yorkshire Stone Sales said...

I got a Christy's hat,which my friend had gifted me from the store

Which i have kept safely


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