Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Picture postcard: Indecision

Marlon Brando

Dear Stevie

How tentatively I post this one. Brando at his most beautiful age, that's for sure, and utterly compelling. Still, I'm not entirely enamoured with this look. OK, what do I love? I love his hair, I love his stance. I love the contrast of his really workman-like jeans and the smart two-tone shoes. I ADORE the vest. I have been thinking about vests, particularly white vests, like this since watching an American in Paris for the billionth time the other week. Once a vital part of a man's wardrobe, vests seem to have been relegated to the clothing collections of old men and Arctic explorers (OK, and maybe the occasional body-builder). A shame I think, as a vest on someone of the right build (not too skinny, but no man boobs of any kind- whether due to overeating or over exercising) can look amazing. I suppose Marlon here is testament to that. To tone the look down, or to give a more Gene Kelly style, a light coloured, possibly short sleeved shirt worn open over the top would be in order I think.

I just have one question: is that a bracelet he's wearing?


Good afternoon, happy Saturday to you.

First things first I will attempt to answer the question. I believe it is indeed a bracelet of some kind as it doesn't appear to be a watch.

This image is at the point of Brando's peak in terms of his greatness, complete with tight T's and chiseled arms but I agree that this image just doesn't work. We have to accept this for what it is though, this is casual, on set Marlon; he looks as if he is mere moments away from putting on his bowling jacket and intimidating his cast. The words of his character Stanley sum up this image: "Be comfortable. That's my motto up where I come from. You gonna shack up here? Well, I guess I'm gonna strike you as being the unrefined type, huh?." For me though, the stumbling block of Brando's attire is the shoes, so I am afraid we have to disagree on that point. Don't get me wrong I love the two tone shoes and I have been looking for a similar pair for myself but they just don't work with the rest of his outfit at all! I do like his flat cap though even though it covers his cool hair.

This was the era of the vest, it was celebrated during this time and was very popular indeed. It died out and now has an image of being worn either by Ryan Atwood types (i forget that you didnt watch the OC but look it up!), wolf whistling builders, old men and geeks wearing them for PE class showing off their skinny arms, overall not really worn by style icons! That said I recently bought a vest (mainly because I had bought a see through T shirt and need something to cover my nipples) but it has grown on me and I have worn it out when it has been very hot. I would always wear it underneath a shirt initially and then peel of that layer if it was too hot.

I picked up the Evening Standard magazine and was confronted with a very pretty boy with defined cheek bones, Roman nose and soft pouting lips, it was the Grandson of Marlon Brando. He has just embarked on a modelling career. He was prettier than Marlon but not as handsome...if that makes sense at all.

Much love

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