Friday, 31 August 2007

Picture postcard: Channelling Pablo

Hey-ho Steve

Today's image is courtesy of my new favourite street style blog of this exact moment, Stockholm Streetstyle, and any rambling that takes place is courtesy of my poorly, poorly brain. I'm going to be completely honest with you here: I'm probably just loving this quite so much because it reminds me so much of our man Pablo Picasso.

This is such a good look for the mixed-up weather we're having at the moment. The lightweight trousers make a nice alternative to shorts and means when it starts raining (again) you don't look so ill-prepared. I think the bag really works here too, somehow toughening up the look (it would be ideal for stashing away a scarf, too, for if the weather got REALLY mean). It's the top half of the look I like the most though: really like that stripy top (and looking for one similar for myself at the moment) and completely enamoured with the colour of that jacket, it's just lovely. I do very much like his hair too, though I'm not entirely convinced that it totally suits him. I can't believe I'm saying this but I think I've grown a bit tired of the medium-length shaggy indie hair that almost every boy seems to have nowadays- short,sharp haircuts like this make very refreshing change.

Anyway, I'm going to drag myself to bed now. I hope your weekend at home is going well and I'm looking forward to hearing what you have to say on this matter when you get back on Sunday.



Hey Eliza,
Oh I apologise for my silence. I am chomping at the bit to get back into blogging action. First things first Stockholm Streetstyle is a great site and I really enjoyed the sartorialist's recent trip. However, when I went to Stockholm I really didn't see as many interestingly dressed guys. I saw many well dressed guys but very safe and at times very dull. That said, the sartorialist found some great dresses so my style eye must be a little short sighted or something whereas the sartorialist has 20-20 vision.
Now onto the image and the reference to one Pablo Picasso...Pablo is THE Man (although, upon a recent quotation search I stumbled across this, which I'm sure you wouldn't approve of... "Computers are useless. They only give you answers"). I've dabbled with the Parisian look and I love it. This look would be complemented by a small weekend bag as opposed to the satchel currently worn. I managed to find the perfect black and white horizontal stripe t shirt in Hurwendeki (back when it was my favourite shop, sadly the amount of menswear on offer has fallen in recent months!). The jacket works really for this guy, the fit and colour are perfect. Like you say this is great dressing for the upcoming months where it can be hot one minute, cold the next with a monsoon downpour during the interim. The trousers are cool but I tend to avoid light coloured trousers mainly because of the high probability that I will spill something on them in the first few moments of wearing them! The overall look would be better if he was wearing similar trousers but in a darker colour that complimented his jacket. Now onto the haircut, I think the shortness of it has been forced upon him due to a receding hairline but it looks good and I doubt think there's too many other options for this chap.

I will leave you with another example of Pablo's wise words and of course a lovely image of the great man.

"Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working."

Look at him here with his thick stripes and deep in thought pose. He is everyone's dream grandad.


Anonymous said...

picasso is fashion.

EJ said...

picasso is love.. he's not my dream grandad, he's one of my dream boyfriends...


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