Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Picture Postcard: Lacoste Colour

After not being able to get my fix from the sartorialist and facehunter I am now in overdrive and my thirst for treats for the eyes is hard to quench. To be honest I've not missed too much in the last few days (although Ivan's recent posts on new York have confirmed my desire, no scrap that, NEED to go!). I've also been advised to visit misshapes which thus far I've neglected, well frankly because of my own ignorance but have enjoyed wasting the last couple of hours spotting celebs and scensters alike! All of these sites keep me out of trouble. Anyway...there was a point to all of this. That point was thus; to extend on your discussion of colour and men's apparent lack of balls to try it. I completely agree and I am guilty of it but this autumn/winter I will experiment and be a little more adventurous. That said, classics do work but classics don't necessarily have to equate to monochrome. This guy looks awesome in the classic Lacoste colour combination of pale pink and apple green. He has a certain Kanye meets Andre 3000 thing going on and in my book that's not bad at all! I love his use of accessories, both his sunglasses which and his bad, I am a big fan of totes at the moment (they are so practical!)...The moral of this post is you can use colour and it doesn't automatically mean unusual experimentation but there is certainly more out there than just monochrome.

I all-out love this guy (and love that our posts now have morals!). I think the trick to pulling this look off without looking like you're trying to hard is to keep it relaxed. Skinny jeans nd trousers are ok but here you wouldn't want these trousers any narrower than they are: the colour and the cut should not be competing for attention in such a bold look. This is the second photo I've seen in a little while with a half-tucked shirt like that (one of the blokes in the plaid post being another)- is this some trend I'm missing out on or just people being snapped before they're ready? I somehow think it's more likely to be the former.

We seem to be out of sync with bags though- I don't like this one that much (plus it looks a little tatty). Maybe because it looks a little drab compared to the rest of the outfit. Want those shoes badly though.

Funny you should mention Andre 3000 too- I have been rekindling my love of Outkast recently. It's amazing how much 'So fresh, So clean' makes me want to dress up in my maddest, coolest outfit and dance around the house.

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ashley churchill said...

don't forget the topsiders! they make the outfit!


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