Saturday, 22 September 2007

(Top)Man reborn

After approximately three years of wandering past the windows of Topshop/Topman, peering in and either being put off by the hideous display of clothes (seriously, I'm not sure who has been dressing their windows but they have been awful, the nu-rave scene is embedded in my mind and it hurts me!) or walking muttering about how unfair it is that the girls get the better deal. There has been some kind of cosmic shift and oh how the tides have turned. Girls are always going to get the better deal when it comes to choice and sheer volume - in the flagship store they have three floors, whereas the guys only get one (I'm contemplating campaigning for an even shopping field but alas it will only falls on deaf ears). However, the unveiling of Topman Lens and an improved Topman Design left me in a boy in a sweet shop state. I just wish it was payday now and more stock arrives! I have a wishlist of approximately five items. (Item 1, Item 2, Item 3, Item 4, Item 5)

OK, I admit that I have already bought two items other than the five above; a thin, black patent belt and a pair of fingerless gloves (like the squirrel collects nuts, I am collecting my winter accessories!) which demonstrates my change of heart when it comes to Topman. I have been a little harsh on the store, I just had a few bad experiences within those walls and it put me off..until now.

I have to talk about MAN, which has had a couple of good shows of late and has helped me trust Topman again. For me this show was all about Aitor Throup, who I Love because he is one of the few designers emerging who amazes me, not just within his clothes but everything he does. I will revisit Mr Throup's work in the next week. His contribution to this show was more of a presentation and one I wish I could have seen live!

Throup's designs

British menswear Designer of Year Kim Jones unveiled his KJ by Kim Jones line, which was fine but not really for me. Plus as you can see from below the models put me off!

Seriously? This guy looks like a power walker who needs the walk!

Topman Design as they probably should have revelled in the show lights and I fell in love again.

Aside from the short shorts I really like this! The PVC jacket looks awesome!

Cool spring/summer dress wearing. I think I've found my casual summer suit. I'm not normally a fan of creased clothes but it looks great on the catwalk and I'm interest to see how well it would translate in the real world. The bag looks great aswell!

I really like the shape of the cardigan. I accept though that it makes the legs appear really short. Black patent shoes are really growing on me...
My faith in Topman has been restored.

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