Friday, 14 August 2009

Unfamiliar Vintage: A look at Garbstore

A look at Garbstore's AW09 offering, image courtesy of Dazed Digital.

Having founded One True Saxon, and helmed R. Newbold and Red Ear in the Paul Smith empire, Ian Paley’s reputation speaks for itself. His most recent venture, Garbstore enters its second year with the unveiling of 'General Public' for AW09. Now, I have heard a number of positive whisperings about the label but have not yet visited the store or really investigated the label at all aside from the odd forgotten mental note. Having seen the images for the latest collection over on Dazed Digital I have to plan a little trip to Portobello and will certainly not forget this label anytime soon!

Garbstore aspires to be and draws its influence from what they have coined 'Unfamiliar Vintage'. The brand aims to create familiar garments, not outlandish pieces, garments with a foot in the past and look to the future, nodding at a couple of things along the way. "The whole idea is to recreate that idea of dead-stock altogether.” For their fifth own-brand Garbstore collection, they pay tribute to those that take pride in helping one's community, hence the name 'General Public'.

Garbstore's use of original fabrics, US talon zips, five needle double neck tees, three hole button detailing and plantation Indigo denim pays homage to the craftsmanship tailoring of days gone by and this has to be applauded. I will leave you to marvel over the look book images for SS09 which I have only just stumbled across following a little label research.


KD said...

I love your blog and this post, but I really commented to ask if I could use this picture on my blog. Thanks!

Style Salvage Steve said...

KD: Thanks, comment anytime! Of course you can use the image, please link back to the lovely Lauren Gentry who turned me in to the awesome fox.

Make Do Style said...

Lovely items and also feel guilty for not commenting for age particularly as new site is fab.
Loved the Steve McQueen post - I wish I was writing a book on his cinematic style.


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