Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Carolyn Massey SS10 Accessories

A few weeks back now we were fortunate enough to take a sneak peak in to the future as Carolyn Massey let us nosey around her studio whilst drooling over her SS10 collection. Carolyn was inspired by adventure and exploration and this is no more apparent than in the accessories. The talented guys from across the pond at Street Etiqutte recently dropped a nice piece on the necessity of accessories and they certainly are in this collection. Carolyn told us that she had been inspired by her first showing at LFW back in February and expanded her collection, in terms of tshirts as well as additional accessories, for this coming season as a result. As a follow up to the earlier sneak preview post, Carolyn sent through an accessories look book which we had to share with you. Looking through the look book made me dream up expeditions to far away places which certainly beats a grey, Wednesday afternoon in London...

The accessories go so well with the inspiration for the collection, the film the Heroes of Telemark. The film starts Kirk Douglas and Richard Harris and is based on the true story of Norwegian heavy water sabotage in World War two. Carolyn had also been on a camping trip to Dungeness, where she found the experience useful as she was able to realistically think about when and where these garments and accessories could be worn.

I fell head over heels for the chunky, cable knits in Massey's Aw09 collection and the above table of bold blue knitted creations renewed my love. Carolyn once again worked closely with her knitwear consultant Lynn to create these pieces which looked to be inspired by fishermen and explorers.

The braided pieces are based on 'Troddels'. These were traditionally used by the German army (post war) to place with precision the exact whereabouts of soldiers in particular regiments. Also the Japanese craft of Kumihimo was an inspiration for the braiding which featured in the key rings, troddels and belts.

I must confess to being more than a little surprised by the leather spats. So much so in fact that I have only just noticed that I failed to mention them in the first post. I just didn't expect to see them but of course they make perfect sense given the inspiration and collection as a whole. The time is definitely right to bring back spats! I love the amount of thought and attention to detail Carolyn has put in to this collection and can't wait to (hopefully) see it on the catwalk in September.


Mat said...

i want the braided piece thingy, strap it right onto my trousers

dapper kid said...

I love those navy knitted hats. And the braided belt looks wonderful. I have a braided leather keychain which is currently near to falling apart, I would love to replace it with something like that braided piece. Hope you're having a fantastic day :)

Style Salvage Steve said...

mat and dapper kid: Yes, go for the troddles! I really like the braided pieces, they make for perfect Spring accessories.

JKISSI said...

The braided accessory looks fab!

great write up and thanks for mentioning us!


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