Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Illustrating Menswear Day SS11: Topman Design

Showcased in the beautiful surroundings of the Royal Opera House, Topman Design's SS11 collection took its inspiration from the bustling backstreets of Brighton. Richardson and his design team looked to the varied shop fronts and the pieces are influenced by the bounty of vinyl and vintage stores that can be found behind the facade of this classic British seaside town. The result is a collection with duality, think Brighton Rock and Quadraphenia. Super sharp tailoring combined with attention grabbing printed shirts on the one side and a selection of colourful casual wear on the other.

Now, I have to confess that there were the odd looks that left myself and Lauren scratching our heads (the high waisted belted shorts were of particular concern) but the eclectic colour palette, ranging from apple green to dark burgundy which featured throughout playful knitted sweaters and light coats were something to get excited over. The real highlight was seeing graphics of old vinyl, Polaroid cameras and foxes applied to the bold knitwear. Everyone wants a fox on their jumper, don't they?For those of you who are unsure, let Lauren Macaulay's illustrations persuade you.

Illustrations by Lauren Macaulay


joy said...

These illustrations, unlike the others, give only a hint at how amazing that collection was. I don't know about you but I'm looking forward to men's fashion surpassing women's this season and beyond.


Lauren Macaulay said...

the fox jumper was the ONLY highlight

Anonymous said...

Must have been tired by this point.

Anonymous said...

I liked the show. The fox jumper was a highlight but it was far from the only one. What about the macs and shirts?

Style Salvage Steve said...

Joy and Anonymous 1 and 2: I have to say that the show left both of us feeling very flat. It might have been our poor vantage point but I wouldn't personally describe it is an amazing show. That said, have seen backstage shots over on Dazed Digital, there were a few more interesting pieces. What did you love about the show? I would love for menswear to take an even bigger stage at LFW, that's what I'm fighting for anyway but it's a hard task!

EJ said...

I think this may be one of those shows that was better in close up- the livestream meant I had a great view from my desk & I really liked some of the shirts. Still not quite sold on how well the shorts will work off the catwalk though, but I look forward to people giving them a go!


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