Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Ain't No App For That

My love for Mr. Hare's creations is well documented on the blog. From the moment I began reading his own musings, through to his debut collection for AW09 and beyond, his passion for fine shoes has been infectious and left me wanting and panting. His goal is simple, to offer shoes for any and every conceivable occasion. Over the course of the last six seasons he has introduced, honed and evolved a complete shoe wardrobe.  Despite coveting and enthusing over each and every unveiling, I've only had one pair of Mr Hare's on my feet. The Stingray Orwell's were the real highlight of his widely impressive debut collection and I quickly snapped them up and have been wearing them ever since. They are still my favourites in my ever growing collection. I love them so. However, I recently met up with the shoe afficionado and he, almost offended that I've not bought more models (due to my malnourished bank account) took pity on me and offered me any pair from his stockroom. I've never felt more spoiled. All of my birthdays wrapped in to one moment. Despite being completely gobsmacked, I knew just the pair I craved; the King Tubby.

King Tubby 11 in tan worn with striped socks by Happy Socks and suit trousers by Comme des Garçons Ganryu

Just as the Stingray Orwell induced heart palpations, his reworking of the Orwell last with a UVA creeper wedge filled my dreams for months. The King Tubby was one hot stepper. For SS11, as part of the Ain't No App for that collection, he tinkered and improved upon the seemingly perfect and dropped the King Tubby 11. More creeperish, lighter and an added heel insert for increased durability. The perfect summer shoe. Thanks to Mr Hare's generosity, the competition for my favourite shoes has become that bit fiercer. There really is no app for that.

A closer look. Infatuated as I am, I could look at them all day.


Mat said...

this is working as trousers/shoes inspiration. i'm really in need of the smartish trousers that don't make me look a douche in the day time. cheers ears

Chris Rg said...

Love your blog posts, they make us drool over your choices alot, in a good way of course, after spending years and years of frustrating clothes shopping trips, i now have an amazing husband who just goes and gets my clothes made for me, very fond of the odd sarong too, just one of the perks of living in bali. Keep posting, we love your blog x


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