Monday, 8 August 2011

Treasured Items... Armando Cabral

We all follow a few designers that leave us breathless and contemplating a life of crime and/or black market organ auctioneering in order to procure their creations. Christophe Lemaire is undoubtedly on my list. With each passing season, the seasoned design talent honours a subtle and quiet elegance by creating a seemingly timeless collection of luxuriously simple basics. By observing our everyday gestures, environment, and responding to it, the seasoned design talent creates an essential wardrobe by putting together the clean and calm lines of western wardrobe with the sophisticated ease and generosity of volumes of traditional eastern garments. It is this very wardrobe that I long to have. I am certainly not the only one to have fallen under his wonderfully simple charms. Armando Cabral joins in the chorus of designer appreciation. Here, the model come shoe designer tell us all about his treasured Lemaire shirt...


Armando Cabral's Officer collar shirt by Christophe Lemaire


"I bought this officer collar shirt at the Christophe Lemaire boutique in Paris. I just love Lemaire's creations. He balances simplicity with timeless style so well and this really resonates with my own personal style.

I love things that have no attachment to a current trend, but rather those that have personality and style. What I love about this shirt is that, it is timeless, simple and classic. You can wear it any way you like. You can play with it and make up your own look. It will be in my wardrobe for many years to come." Armando Cabral

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