Friday, 19 April 2013

Introducing... Itokawa Film

"I was in Milan, he was in London, in the middle of the night we were e-mailing each other weird digital images," explains menswear designer Samuel Membery as he introduces us to the collaborative creative that is Itokawa Film. "What began as an odd form of late night communication evolved in to a competition between the two of us. We pushed each other to create the most interesting piece of digital art we could and ultimately in to the debut capsule collection of menswear, art and accessories." Working for a design house in Milan, these late night exchanges were an escape for both himself and close friend James Ari King. "I've know James since Uni. He's a bit of a lunatic and I was drawn to him. I've always been amazed by his work and have wanted to work him in some capacity for a while." In Itokawa Film they've found the perfect outlet. With Internet hackers as their shared muse, the two disciplines of menswear design and visual art collide beautifully.

From embarrassing governments to forcing corporations to their knees, providing illegal lols to saving the world from evil geniuses, the whims and fancies of an Internet hacker are varied. Few create capsule collections of menswear, art and accessories. "After many months of creating images – we must have made over 500 images, we sifted, organised and manipulated them even more. We eventually decided that what we were making was basically hacker art." I can't help but think of the tagline of the mid-nighties classic 'Hackers', 'Their only crime was curiosity'. Following months of electronic exchanges, the design duo had entered a current of curiosity and emerged as one with a sensory and sartorial shake-up. Rather than destroy or disrupt, these hackers sought to create. Together the dazzling duo want to infiltrate your mind, wardrobes and walls.

Despite the quick fire early evolution, Itokawa Film’s collection is far from rushed. There’s a real care to the production as Membery explains: "All the t-shirts are digitally printed and made in Italy. All the screen prints are hand printed by us in the studio in Dalston, whilst the bags are handmade by us in the studio and then they will be made in the UK." As we stand in their shared studio in Dalston, the lasting remnants of their insular and addictive pursuit flicker on the rails and walls. Do not adjust your screens and dive in to the collection.


Our own detail shots alongside Itokawa Film's look book shots by James Ari King and film by Francesco Petroni.

Itokawa Film is very much a collective that orbits around the energy of Sam and James. "We’re both inspired by similar things, mostly apocalyptic stories. We kind of think of ourselves as some sort of brand for the apocalypse." Readying myself for the apocalypse, I draw the interview to a close by asking him about the future plans of Itokawa Film? "For it to evolve into a lifestyle brand with a very unique take on things. We’re going to be working with different music producers, some furniture designers, sunglasses companies and shoemakers. Then in June 2013 I’m launching my solo menswear line under “Film”. Itokawa is James, and Film is me, and when we combine, it’s Itokawa Film." This is only the beginning for the ever evolving collective. Are you sitting comfortably? The show is about to start.

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