Saturday, 27 April 2013

Weekend Reading... ARTICLE


After many months of whispers flavoured with excitement, hopes and daydreams, the inaugural issue of ARTICLE landed on my desk this week. Following two years of planning and development, the handsome publication became a reality thanks to potential readers pledging their support with Unbound.  Intrigued by Creative Director and Fashion Director Kenny Ho's  passion and support for all things British, the growing community put their money where their interest was and a new bi-annual was born.

"We aim to share the things which we believe make Britain great: art, design, culture, entertainment and contemporary men’s fashion, explored from unique, intensely personal perspectives by our team of writers, photographers and creatives," Kenny Ho explains. A seemingly simple aim that the first issue sets off to explore in earnest. Whereas John Holt's excellent LAW mag depicts a neglected, gritty, dark soap opera of an urban landcape, Kenny Ho along with art director Rosy Tsai choose to examine a very different side of British culture but manage to do so in an equally refreshing way. Over one hundred sixteen page of  advert free, design rich pages, its debut journey sets off on a Tweed Run, enjoys a tea break with renowned tailor Timothy Everest to hear his take on the future of menswear, delves deep in to the intricate work of Bermondsey-based leather artisan Oliver Ruuger and finds time to collaborate with artist and architect Heidi Locher on a series of evocative photographic images. Dip your toe its inviting waters below...


Right from the very first page, ARTICLE sets off down its own well cultivated path. The launch issue is a considered and well researched trip through British craftsmanship, design and culture. This is only the beginning.


TSOH said...

This is stunning, is there anywhere I can get this?

Style Salvage Steve said...

TSOH: You can find this handsome publication in a few places in London but best to order it online with Unbound.

Anonymous said...

Adding this to my reading list, thank you for posting.

Matthew Spade said...

definitely more of a look than a read, good looking for sure

Fashion Mania said...

Looks like an interesting vintage inspired Brit culture read.

Nice article.

Ben @ Fashion Mania Blog said...

Looks like an interesting vintage inspired Brit culture read.

Nice article.



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