Monday 31 December 2007

Losing it

Since reading this post over on iCiNG I have been mulling over the topic of losing your hair. I was racking my brains all over Christmas for some good bald/balding icons, only to kick myself for my stupidity when I caught a bit of The King and I on TV. Yul Brynner is surely the most obvious choice?
YulAnd while he is probably best known for his completely bald look (above) as sported in the King and I, I think he looked quite dashing in his younger days when he still kept a bit on top.

This is a Beaton picture I think

The supreme neatness of the hair he does have is vital to the look. And this just set the ball rolling. There are so many balders (not yet baldies, you see?) out there to admire! The trick to it, as always, is excellent grooming.

Lunching in styleThis is perfectly illustrated here by Mr Astaire. While he does have his hair reasonably long it is slicked down and back at all times with no attempt to hide the arches of his hairline. His skin is clear and healthy looking and, as usual, he is clean shaven.

I've noticed quite a few indie boys trying to disguise a receding hairline by growing a long sweep of hair to use as a fringe. I hate to break it to you boys, but I'm beginning to feel that this the the modern equivilant of the comb-over... you're fooling no one my dears. I did consider finding a picture to illustrate this point but I thought that would be a little bit too mean. Maybe your new influence, if you don't like the swept back look should be Brandon Flowers? I think he's giving you evils

His hair is short here and ever so slightly pushed forward. I'd be interested to see what he will do once it REALLY starts going though. I was also going to use Jude Law as a muse here but, if I'm honest, he creeps me out nowadays.

Sunday 30 December 2007

Bluebirds are so natural...

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and are gearing up for your new year celebrations (be that expensive or cheap, hangover guranteed or a quiet night in). I am now back in London where I belong after having a quiet Christmas with the family by the seaside and eating far, far too much. This festive season is all about excess but the January belt tightening is on it's way (oh dear) but fortunately we have the sales and the fashion weeks not too far away.

After my recent blog post you might have concluded that I would be out savouring the sales all day every day fighting over the rails and piles of so called bargains but that just hasn't been the case. I hate shopping in crowded shops, during the sale madness the clothes are scattered across the rails and floors and fellow consumers take on a more panic stricken animal attitude, either fearful eyes and a look of terror or they come out fighting, elbowing their way to the reductions. Sales can be a scene of desperation, style at times is forgotten. Some people enjoy shopping in this madness, sifting through all of the rubbish just to find that nugget of a bargain but not this consumer.

My first full day in London was spent wandering around Selfridges with EJ and the girlfriend, where last year I was fortunate enough to find some great things but this time I just wasn't in the mood. I'm sure there were some great bargains among the racks and rack of clothes but from my half hearted glances I didn't see anything, only the very fortunate or those who put in the most work succeed in arenas like the Selfridges sale. My mind was made up to vist b Store and the Shop at Blue Bird the following morning. In the interim I did venture into Liberty's and was seduced by some of the reductions, for example a Maison Martin Margiela navy suit jacket which despite the substantial price cut was still a little out of my grasp. A couple of APC items were tempting but my will power was strong enough to dissuade me buying things that I didn't really want or need.

Now onto more happier and successful tales and the wonders that were to be found within the Shop at Bluebird. Adam Green once chirped 'Bluebirds are so natural' in his song 'Bluebird' and it the shop felt very natural to me. It felt so far away from my previous shopping experience at Selfridges which left me questioning the whole sale thing. I walked out of the shop at Bluebird with a huge smile on my face, I had a bagged myself a white Givenchy shirt for £55 and a pair of wrap trousers from Unconditional for £125 but had also enjoyed myself within the shop, which is well presented and has attentive and extremely pleasant staff! There was so much to choose from, ranging from Raf Simons tapered trousers and that metallic shirt, Omar Kashoura cardigans and shirts (check out the scary myspace music) alongside rails of countless items that were great!

Headless Steve
The sale purchases teamed up with a pair of old but quite rare converse (black with red trim).
The Unconditional trousers are unlike anything I have in my wardrobe. Wrap fly, tapered bottom, they are a play on proportions and so damn comfortable.

If you like me are dissuaded from most sales I would recommend visiting the Shop at Bluebird which was fruitful for me alongside ventures inside b Store and Concrete.

Let us know about your own success stories or nightmares with the recent sales.

Friday 21 December 2007

Sale, Sale, Sale

Long before the presents have been unwrapped (or in my case wrapped), some days before the turkey has been reduced to a carcass and I've eaten my own body weight in roast potatoes and even some time before the family are sick of the sight of each shops up and down the high street and beyond are going into/or have gone into sale mode. The time to splurge on myself is fast approaching. I've been ever so good this December during my Christmas shopping. On previous years I buy a present for someone and then get something for myself but not this year. This could be down to maturity or maybe it was that visit from the Ghost of Christmas Past that made me see the error of my ways...anyway, whatever, I've been well behaved and the time has come for me to spend money on myself as it is sales time!

Here are a few of my picks for the sales

For me this is the best place to go to find bargains in the New Year. I am chomping at the bit to rummage through the rails. Last year I picked up a Preen jumper which is nothing short of a talking piece and two Unconditional items that have bolstered my wardrobe significantly (a very successful trip by all accounts). Be warned though over 3,000 people are expected to queue starting at 5am, so get there early if you are insane/desperate enough. I will wait until I return from my family Christmas and explore the treasures within this great institution on the 28

The b Store sale is already on...what am I doing writing this, I should be running towards Savile Row!

I've never ventured to Browns but I am told this store can be home to many bargains. If I have time and more importantly any money left I will pop in. Sale starts 26th December.

Great discounts of up to 50 per cent on a huge range of products across the store. Expect a large selection of men’s clothes from Paul Smith, Maison Martin
Margiela and co. There will also be money off beautiful homeware pieces from brands including Lladro, Kenzo and Missoni.

After years in the shadows,
Topman has finally reached the dizzy heights, formally confined to sister brand Topshop. The sale could be well worth a look.

Whilst we are on the subject of the High Street why not mention this store which is a staple for many men (I personally have never had too much good fortune at any H&M but often here how great it can be). With a huge range of items all reduced by up to 50 per cent, prepare yourself for the stampede of bargain hunters over the festive break...The sale started on the 18
th but I've not been brave enough to go within 50 yards of any H&M store.

Stocking some of fashion’s most-wanted labels for men and women, this great
Shoreditch store will be making reductions of up to 50 per cent. The sale has already started so if you are around the area at the weekend (I like going East on a Sunday) I would recommend looking at the reduced pieces like this Commes des Garcons single breasted jacket.

This store just off
Carnaby street is home to some beautiful things. On previous visits I've been known to cling on to garments that I just can't afford but hopefully this sale should rectify this problem. Sale already on

Dover Street Market
This is not normally the place to pick up bargains but it is still worth the trip, to have a wander the great space around if nothing less.
Starting December 27

I could go on and on but I won't. For a more extensive list than what I have here visit Urban Junkies who have an excellent guide. I am resigned to the fact that both my bank card and my body will be exhausted come the beginning of January. My month of January will go down in memory as the one where I had to survive off Iceland meals and Baked Beans but all my planned bargainous consumerism will certainly be worth the consequences. Happy shopping everyone.


Steve, I think I've gone crazy. I discovered New York Look and lost my mind. Is it wrong that I like this?:

Ann Demeulemeester, photo courtesy of FirstView

What is that hanging around his neck? Loose threads that they couldn't be bother hemming his trousers with? And yet... something about proportions I like.

And this:

Fendi, photo courtesy of FirstView

See through jumpers?? But still... it really does add something to the outfit, and the suit's just the right amount of shiny.

Still, at least I changed my mind about this one, right?

Calvin Klein, photo courtesy of FirstView

Yeah... that one's just a step too far. Love the colour combinations though.

p.s. oh my god.

Tuesday 18 December 2007


Watching half of Rear Window set me off thinking about pyjamas and doing away with my bedridden wife. No boys that I know wear proper pyjamas any more, perhaps linking them too much at once with both young boys and old men. I think it's a real shame- they'd get away more with being lazy and not dressing until 3pm if they did so looking a little less slovenly and a little smarter; not in boxers and a t shirt but in suitable sleep wear. More in the style of L.B. Jefferies...

Jimmy, concentrate!

Try not to get distracted by Grace Kelly, it's the PJs we're interested in... remember?

I've found a similar pair to these from Derek Rose (of Savile Row no less) here... a similar lovely shade of blue that looks flattering on almost everone. You can even get a matching dressing gown! What more could you ask for? Ok, so at just under £100 they're not exactly cheap but they are delectable. You can get a similar style in a myriad of other colours and fabrics there as well including in silk but I'm not sure if that's a little too Hugh Hefner (not that Hugh's look isn't great, it's just not what I'm talking about here).

A cheaper version of the same look can be found on the high street at both John Lewis and Marks & Spencer.

John Lewis blue cotton pyjamas , £15

Good old M&SMarks and Spencer Cotton Rich Thin Stripe Pyjamas, £22

Marks even do a 'Big & Tall' version so there's no excuses for too-short PJ trousers.

After spouting all of this why do I still want to hide away and spend all winter living in footed pyjamas, shocking people with static?

Monday 17 December 2007

Topman lens focuses on Australian designers

I am quite late in reporting this bit of news, mainstream magazine wrote about this last Friday but I wanted to say a few more words on the subject. Elliot focused his attention on Material Boy but I am more excited about seeing Mjolk's designs.
Directional designers Lars Stoten, Danmarks DesignSkole graduate, and ex-Central St Martins College of Art and Design, John Clarke, combine to design and produce Mjolk. Founded in southern Sweden in 2003 and transplanted to Australia, the label dares Australian men and women to take a risk with their dressing.

I love the red shoes against the grey suit. I am not too sure what my office would say if I walked into work wearing shoes that red but then again I don't think I care...

Refreshing and fun, yet still dedicated to attention to quality construction, detailing and fabrics. Mjolk is known for its masterfully crafted men’s suiting, with slim silhouettes and rock and roll edge in bright colours like purple, yellow, apple green and fireengine red. They also produce beautifully finished stovepipe indigo jeans, skinny fit blazers and primary coloured striped shirting and tees.

Material Boy:

Mic Eaton, an ex-pro surfer, launched the label in 2003 in Perth but now divides his time between Melbourne and Indonesia. This label pushes menswear out of its comfort zone and those inside and outside the fashion industry continue to admire the label’s originality. Their breakout season in AW06 - ‘Honey I shrunk the Boy’ was where the now famous exaggerated silhouettes and bold colours first grabbed the attention of the Australian fashion scene. Their next s/s collection is titled 'Celebration of your inner gay'.

Invisible motorbike

I am always excited by new Lens collections (it is such a great idea!) and the next one should not disappoint. I will ensure that I allocate some of my clothes budget to the release of the next batch of Lens.

Thursday 13 December 2007

Happy Dick van Dyke day!

Smoking is bad ok, no matter whether DvD does it

By a strange quirk of fate, both Steve and I have partners that share their birthday with the glory that is Dick Van Dyke, so I'd like to take this opportunity to wish them both a very happy birthday. I hope you both have a very lovely day!

Tuesday 11 December 2007

Falling for evening wear

Mr Astaire
When most men think of evening wear they think that the available options are limited...a black tuxedo, a starched white shirt, a bow tie/tie. During the teen years these are by in large rented from moss bros. However, as we get older I would suggest that it actually makes more sense to buy a tuxedo, rather than renting one out. If you choose the right one for you, both in terms of cut and style, it will be well worth the investment! I personally think most men in evening wear look a little bit uncomfortable in their ensemble so we all have to get more comfortable! It is always best to show off with ‘I’ve already been to three black tie parties before this one’ look, wandering into the room with relaxed swept back hair, looking slightly dishevelled but still perfect at the same time...If in doubt I recommend reading through a recent post on Men's Flair that runs through a number of options when it comes to evening wear. For inspiration look at Fred Astaire who wore them tails as if they were pajamas and a tuxedo as though it were a part of his everyday routine, rather than borrowed from some Prussian general or Moss bros!

Having only just recently stumbled across the wonder of menswear editorials on show at fashion156, I thought I would share my current favourites (I have no idea why I've not given this site the attention and devotion that it deserves!). I have been thinking about evening wear over the last few weeks (as it is party season after all) and have fallen head over heels with these images.

Suit with piping detail by Alexander McQueen @ Selfridges. Shirt by Burberry at Matches. Bow tie by J. Lindeberg at Harvey Nichols.

I absolutely adore the J Lindeberg metallic jacket below!

Shirt by Number Nine at Liberty. Metallic black blazer by J. Lindeberg at Harrods. Black velvet bow tie from a selection at Harrods. Black dinner suit trousers both by Gieves & Hawkes.

If like me you couldn't quite afford the delights on show above Topman's new range of suits is well worth looking at. I'm a little unsure about the waxed tuxedo jacket having liked it online but not in person (for me the finish was all wrong, and the stiffness of the cloth affected the shape of the jacket!) but there are plenty more on offer. Whatever your budget it is time to embrace the suit. Instead of the classic white shirt why not wear a black ruffle neck shirt. Instead of the skinny black tie, why not wear a beautiful bow tie, over sized and woolly if you are feeling adventurous. All this talk of evening wear just makes me want to watch Top Hat...

Despite my love of Fred and near daily singing of 'Top hat, white tie and tails' (seriously folks, I cannot recommend this album enough), I've never really been a fan of men in tuxes. James Bond just never really did it for me- something about a bow tie just turns me right off... however, I must say that chap in the Alexander McQueen suit does look extremely dashing. The detail on the shoulders is just interesting enough without being ridiculous and that shirt is just brilliant. I know I try to be an exponent of doing things on the cheap but I'm afraid that when it comes to black tie... well, who goes to balls dressed in Primark? HOWEVER, the one thing that can be taken from the look is the hair. The sort of slicked-back-but-with-volume look is definitely one to copy and reasonably easy to copy I'd imagine. We'll definitely have to add it to our list of hair styles to do a how-to on.

Sunday 9 December 2007

Are fat men allowed to have style?

Oh I do enjoy a lazy Sunday surrounded by newspaper supplements, pastries and strong black coffee as the outside world looks uninviting, grey and cold! During such a scene I came across an interesting article in Style titled 'Pity the fat boys' where Simon Mills explores the notion that British men are increasingly overweight and badly dressed, mainly because they are fat. It seems that larger sized men don't have the same level of help on offer compared to their female counterparts, they aren't described as curvy or voluptious but instead at best called 'porky'.

Within the article he discusses how fat men have limited options in the style front, with most turning to oversized sportswear. Ironically clothes meant for athletes are loosely adorning beer bellies and moobs across the country. On the high street and online where can men who wear xxxl+ buy their clothes? On a quick google search it seems that a large number of stores that cater for such men are located in Wales and a quick visit to their sites didn't make me wish I had that build but at least there are some options out there in fact it made me feel quite the opposite!

Can you think of an style icons for men that weigh more than 15 stone? I can't think of any, can you? I suppose you can look at rugby players (who aren't overweight but certainly larger) for some inspiration. Jonny Wilkinson is far from overweight but always looks well presented in Hackett (who he is the face of). There are however plenty of example of men in the media glare losing weight. My favourite is Karl Lagerfeld. The famed couturier Lagerfeld was determined to lose weight, not because he was obese or suffered from health problems, but because he wanted to wear clothes designed for younger, slimmer men - clothes designed by Hedi Slimane to be specific. His vanity paid off: he lost 80 pounds in a year on the "Spoonlight program.

An extremely rotund Lagerfeld using the fan well to cover up multiple chins.

Slim Lagerfeld, still wearing lots of black but using far less material!

All is not lost though if you aren't skinny...

Larger sized bald man courtesy of the sartorialist showing how portly men can still look good. The secret here is the fit of the suit and his use of accessories!

It seems that from my research if you want to wear high fashion and designers the answer that constantly comes up is to change your lifestyle and work a little harder. If that all sounds like hard work then why not find the clothes that suit your body shape and stay healthy. Please avoid wearing sportswear in sizes that are far too big. Wear well cut suits and darker colours.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Will there ever be a style icon for fat men? Do fat men have it harder than fat women?

Further reading:
Style tips for fat men
Karl Lagerfeld's Diet book
Skinny jeans article
Big Fat Problem?

This is definitely a topic I want to come back to at a later date, once I have chance to mull it over a bit more. I think that it's harder to find a style icon for the larger chap because it's harder to find style icons for larger people full stop. A chap I do like the style of whenever I see him in the street/the local is Guy Garvey, lead singer of Elbow. I have failed miserably to find a decent picture to illustrate this point however... maybe one day I'll pluck up the courage to ask for an interview. He tends to stick to vaguely tailored pieces, most often seen in a shirt (God, I sound like a stalker) and in quite flattering colours. Overall, I think that what you have to remember is that when shopping for a larger figure, the basic rules regarding colour and wearing something that makes you feel happy still apply... and at least that's a place to start.

Largerfield still scares me though, big and small.

Darjeeling has trunks full of style

The weekend gave me opportunity to watch Wes Anderson's new film The Darjeeling Limited. As usual with Anderson there is minute attention to details and design which extends to clothes; the monogrammed pyjamas, the sunflower coloured bathrobe, the loafers etc. Throughout the film Anderson creates a jovial contrast of Westerners' neutral-toned suits against the hot ochres and turquoises of India (if you are interested most of the movie was filmed in Rajasthan). I want to explore this mix of vibrant colour and neutral tones in the spring, if done well this look will have a great deal of impact, as it did in the film. In another life, Anderson might have been a Dutch genre painters to whom the details of light, domesticity and clothing were the lifeblood of their art and a way to express the everyday humanity of their subjects. A common critique of Anderson's film is that the appurtenances of style are there to amuse himself rather than to uncover an emotional truth; in short all surface and little depth. I am not a film critic but for what my opinion is worth I enjoyed the film (some aspects more than others) but overall it was a pleasant way to spend an evening and gave me a chance to eat sweet popcorn and drink from a ridiculously oversized Coke cup.

One of the stars of this film doesn't even have a speaking part... I could be talking about Bill Murray but I'm not. It's the 11 pieces of distinctive Louis Vuitton luggage made specifically for the movie. The luggage was designed by Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton and includes monogrammed steamer trunks, duffels, and suitcases covered in a jungle pattern created by Anderson's brother, Eric. I must admit though I am turned off by them because they are LV but forgetting my own bias these are really nice pieces and they ignite a desire deep inside me to own monogrammed luggage. In fact I quite want to explore charity shops and see whether I can find an old and battered piece of monogrammed luggage. I don't really want my own initials inscribed on the leather- S.S is not needed- just any combination of letters will satisfy me. Let the luggage foraging begin...

EJ: I've not seen the film yet (the weather is far too grim to venture outside), though have managed to find some nice luggage here and here (ridiculously lovely). Not quite the cheap second-hand shop prices I'm sure you were thinking of though. I must say though, if I was going for Louis Vuitton, I would be gunning for this beauty. I've longed for one of these after seeing them in a Fred Astaire film and I'm convinced that it's the epitome of cool travelling.

Saturday 8 December 2007

The importance of the sidewalk

I've been inspired to write a post about the the sartorialist by the article in today's Guardian Weekend magazine. The article discusses how our perceptions of who or what is stylish is not as straighforward as it was in previous times. The models and actresses who were once revered have now been analysed to the point of inducing humour and even pity (see Perez Hilton and gofugyourself). In short traditional style icons have lost their shroud of elusivity and in some cases their dignity and sanity (not naming names but I think Ms Spears highlights this point quite well). Enter Scott Schuman armed with his Canon G5 camera he has created a photo blog that is required reading for the fashion industry and people watchers alike. Have we entered into an era of the celebration of the individual, not just the individual but the seemingly ordinary individual? Two years after launching the blog (I wonder what we'll achieve in two years domination no doubt, mwahaha), 50,000 people visit the site, he is listed in Time magazine as one of the most influential figures in the world of design and now prints of his work are being snapped up at $1,200!

It has been said (I believe EJ unearthed an interesting article) that the subjects of street style blogs can all blur into one. I can see this point highlighted across a number of other sites but this does not ring true on the sartorialist. In the article Schuman states 'Most bloggers are 20-year-olds taking pictures of other 20-year-olds, which is great if you are 20.' The sartorialist offers alot more variation. To illustrate this point and to applaud the work of Mr Schuman please see some of my favourite subjects.

Inspired by the Marx brothers

Mad about Plaid

How to wear a suit colourfully.

Metallic Cardigan!

The Red DMs - smart casual personified!
The article Steve refers to can be found here. Thought provoking stuff.

Picture Postcard - Will Young in Burberry

Will Young
I meant to post about Will Young's Burberry jacket for some time but for one reason or another i just didn't have the time. I was fortunate enough to go to the event at Koko on Monday night and no I didn't get a goody bag but i was left with the thought of how lovely this coat was and how I would personally add to it. Although the cut is excellent I would add a metallic belt and a pair of arm warmers because well let's face it it's damn cold out there! I'm not so keen about his choice of footwear wear though...

Oh it is rather nice... Will Young does tend to look pretty snappy though. Glad to finally get to see it after the number of times you've mentioned it to me this week!

Splitting hairs

Oh I have a odd and complex relationship with my hair. It is a strange part of both myself and my attitude to style and grooming. I should take more interest in it and at time i do but something is missing. I don't love it as much as what hangs in my wardrobe or what hangs on the rails of my favourite shops and items undiscovered! my current attitude to hair and how best to style it revolve around the following:
  • Invest in a good hair cut, (which doesn't necessarily mean expensive but living in central London it normally does)
  • Wash your hair as often as you need to. use Baby Powder if you don't have time to wash it.
  • Spend money on good hair products and use them moderately. I like Bumble and Bumble.
  • Take note of your hair and what it wants to do - after straightening it for a while I've realised that it is far better to let the natural gentle wave of my hair do its thing!
There it is, my simple hair advice. I will post (in the next couple of days) about my advice on how best to achieve various looks complete with pictures of course but today is a bad hair day!

On the subject of hair I enjoyed reading The Post Office's account of the rise of the square haircut, as shown on catwalks across the land, in editorials and most recently on the cover of V magazine with Brad Pitt. In front of Mario Testino’s camera Brad Pitt showed his many different faces for V Magazine. I have dabbled with these styles in recent years but unfortunately the curse of my laziness means I always go back to my tried and tested! What do you prefer, the Fight Club Brad Pitt or the more refined and slightly geeky versions? Which version has the best hair, how would you wear yours? Can't decide, well just enjoy both versions!Brad Pitt(s)With party season upon us if we need inspiration on how best to wear your hair, look no further than Cary Grant.

Cary Grant

The only thing I'd add is to make sure that you get it cut short enough at the back!

Wednesday 5 December 2007

The Scarf Post

I'm feeling languid after an unexpected day off (God bless minor fires and power cuts) and a glass and a half of red wine, so thought it time to do the Scarf Post. We thought about this about two months ago (the photos themselves are a month old) so it's a bit overdue. It came about when thinking about the different ways that people can and do wear scarves and wincing at the term 'snug tug'. Steve is our willing model, skillfully directed by me (i.e. told to 'look cold'). So let's begin.

The undercoat, understated:
Best done with a thinner scarf so as not to ruin the line of your coat/jacket and on milder days as this basically provides little to no warmth whatsoever. A more decorative (poser-y?) way of wearing a scarf, perhaps providing a contrast to the rest of your outfit, or a flash of colour. I bought Steve this scarf by the way, so I think it's quite nifty.

The show-off:This is almost wearing a scarf as a tie and works best with scarves with a really flashy detail as on this me&yu number. This can be a bit annoying to wear, particularly on windy days as you will probably be constantly fiddling with it to make sure the main design is on display. It does keep your neck relatively warm though and really can liven up a wintery outfit.

The controversial:
So called as I've heard a lot of people complain about how prevalent this way of wearing scarves is. Still, it's easy and very very cosy. Works best for shortening a longer scarf as it can look a bit weird with just a little bit of fabric sticking out the end. Basically created by folding the scarf in half and pushing the ends through the loop created. Did that make sense? I don't think so, but I'm sure everyone in the world knows how to do this. Also, I MADE this scarf. It took FOREVER.

The loop-de-loop:Totally easy and perfect on very long scarves like this one. Wrap, then wrap again, long bits down the front. My personal favourite at the moment, just because it's so warm and you're not constantly having to fling a bit of scarf over your shoulder (however dramatic that is). This can even in seconds become the wrap:

though I'm not sure if this is a bit much. However, I'm sure that this can be done a lot more neatly and look a lot better as this was a bit of an afterthought.

The extravagant:

Don't worry, we're nearly finished. This is, on a practical level, a largely pointless way of wearing a scarf. In no way will it keep your neck warm as the scarf is on the outside of the collar and, as such, no where near your neck. Still, I suppose it could be a nice way of storing a scarf if it's milder than you expected, or maybe if you're popping in and out of shops. Plus, once again, it's a nice way to break up the blackness of a winter coat and add a bit of colour (yes, I know this scarf is beige but that's not the point.

And finally...

The cheesy, FUCK YEAH:Oh yeah. And if you don't mind, I'm off to watch TV and hopefully not freak myself out any more by identifying an exact location in London simply from a 2 second close up of a phone booth.

Monday 3 December 2007

Music style

Qotsa T

After last night's TOTALLY AWESOME gig I have been thinking about band t shirts. Now, I'm not someone who owns a lot of band t shirts because... well, I don't see many that I like. The vast majority seem to just be the standard black t shirt (normally in some huge size) with some album artwork on. I couldn't resist this QOTSA one though, largely as someone else got it for me (I couldn't make the gig and had to give up my ticket due to bereavement and only saw a full QOTSA gig last night so this t shirt means a lot to me). I also like the detail, the metal rings that show through to skin underneath.

It does seem tough to get a decent band t shirt, though there are still some bands out there up to the challenge. Ones that I've come across include this one from Sonic Youth, this one from Kanye (love the bear and that wrap around detail) and I can't resist the little red eyes on this one from the D (when's the next album?). In tribute to the dude wearing a Kiss t last night, I felt that I had to share this with you too.

Although it's not strictly a band t shirt, I thought I'd get your thoughts about this t shirt from Threadless. What do you think? I like it but wonder if it's a little too gimmicky/music nerdy...

Wow, this is a seriously link heavy post.

Sunday 2 December 2007

Standing on the cracks

OK I might be standing on the cracks of the pavement outside the Palais Royal in Paris (which I was always informed as a child would give me bad luck) but I just don't care because I am now the proud owner of some quite beautiful Lanvin boots. What is luck when you have a pair of beautifully handmade boots from Italy that make you look like a long lost third member of Daft Punk?

It was quite an adventure getting to Paris in the first place as the most efficient route of the Eurostar was far too expensive at £230...I was only going there for a quick wander around and to pick up something at the sale! So, we took the coach from Victoria which was full of French people complaining about the cost of the UK (seriously the two guys in front of us chatted for the duration of the seven hour journey about the expensive nature of all of the cities in the UK, even Manchester, sorry EJ!). We didn't have a ferry crossing on the way there, that adventure was saved for the return leg of the journey...anyway, I will save these tales when I next see EJ in person, let's get back to the...

The 'aren't they beautiful?' close up

So as you can see I managed to pick up a pair of Lanvin boots in Paris during the recent sample sale over the weekend (I have connections, I can say no more). I am told that the menswear on offer as a whole was not that great as it included a number of suits even my Dad wouldn't wear and a collection of shirts that were far too big for my frame...However, fortunately for me the sale did have the perfect solution to my current footwear conundrum. I have been on the look out for a pair of boots for sometime now and the sale provided the solution. I was not able to try on the boots myself because I was not at actually at the sale myself. At the time I was inside Colette buying christmas gifts whilst receiving picture messages of various Lanvin sale items (oh the life I lead at the weekends certainly beats the Monday to Friday monotony of work!) but the picture of these boots stirred my consumerist loins and I just had to have them. The price? Well I am told that these were originally priced at 2000 euros but this being a sample sale and all I managed to acquire them for 150 euros!

Outside the Palais Royal

Saturday 1 December 2007

Christmas lights

While some people I could mention are swanning about in Paris, I am left here in Manchester thinking about what on earth to get people for Christmas. Thanks to Gala Darling I have some idea. Japanese Watches of course! I absolutely love these, even if I can't quite work out how to tell the time on most of them. Ah well, hopefully people will be distracted by the pretty lights...

Japanese watch

Image courtesy of Tokyoflash

Good evening Miss EJ, I have arisen from my catch up sleep session but have lost my Sunday! I will try and post later on tonight however because I have much to say and to show...I did enjoy perusing the site on Friday morning whilst all of my work colleagues were eating bacon sarnies my hunger was satisfied by LEDs! Who needs a watch to tell the time these days anyway, I just check my phone or ipod for that, so I am all for watches that have the primary use of looking cool.


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