Monday 31 March 2008

Bearded Confusion

Do you remember this chap from the sartorialist? Are we witnessing the comeback of the beard? Are razor sales about to plummet? If you can't be bothered to read the below post, I'll tell you...the answer is no...for the lazy readers out there, my conclusion is that the fashion of beards (like most fashions) is cyclical. Read on if you want to see and read about beards...

The reason for this post is that I came across two articles this weekend where the author declared the comeback of the beard! I wouldn't go as far as calling the emergence of a few celebrities sporting facial hair, alongside a small increase on the streets of London choosing to put down their razor. I also have to add that the week before in the Observer (I think) one columnist discussed the return of the freshly shaven look and went into great detail on how best to shave (more on this point later in the week!) so I am pretty confused to be honest...I don't know if I'm coming and going (whichever it is as I can't grow a beard myself so I will always be pretty clean shaven).. regardless of which particular razor standpoint is making a Rocky style comeback right this second I want to talk about beards with you now.

A bearded George Clooney one of a growing number of celebrities flirting with facial hair.

I can see Leitch's point where he says "Stubble was for pouting, knitwear-sporting continentals, while an unfettered facial flourishing was for ecological protestors and other antisocial elements" as in recent years facial hair has been up against it. How different from the Victorian era, when beards - a mark of wisdom, gravitas, moral rigour, imperial paternalism, you name it - were de rigueur in England. The emergence of a number of celebrities opting to grow bards has reassured the general public that it is again fine to put down that razor. No longer is the beard an object of feminine disgust, masculine ridicule and universal suspicion. That said in some circles full beards have been seen as an emblem of masculinity, an advertisement of one's importance, competence or integrity. Sir William Golding without his beard looked like an awkward chemistry teacher; with it, he was King Lear. An aged Sean Connery without facial hair would still be a good-looking man, but his pointy white chin makes him regal, noble, a grizzled knight worthy of respect.

This is the beard Bond would have grown had he retired from the service. Neat and tidy but not obsessively so, it has charm, maturity and manliness written all over it.
Facial hair comes in and out of fashion. It’s cyclical. Most men at some point in their life flirt with it. I am still waiting for my last push of puberty before I can ever dream about the possibility of growing a beard. In the meantime I will stay confused but will enjoy looking into the the wonderfully inspiring and slightly weird world of beard:

World Beard Championships, Beard Community, 10 Most inspiring beards of all time,
all about beards

Sunday 30 March 2008

Sheer style or sheer madness?

I was fortunate to visit bStore yesterday and ventured downstairs into the basement to peruse through the delights on offer during their sample sale. I walked away with an unexpected buy...a sheer shirt by U - Handmade in England. Such a buy was far from my mind when I set off for the day (although I did want to get something from the label as I've been an admirer for some time) but I fell in love with it, in my mind it is one of the best buys I could make for the upcoming Summer season and what a bargain!

One of my favourite looks of the season - Jill Sander s/s 08

There can be little doubt that sheer clothes have strong connotations with femininity but recent menswear shows have explored sheer fabrics. Sheer popped up on a plethora of Spring/Summer menswear catwalks (Topman Design, Deryck Walker, Dries Van Noten) my personal favourite being the technical meshing of Jill Sander (as shown above)

Of course though, runway trends do not necessarily translate well into everyday wear. My advice would be to approach this trend with a little caution and subtlety but ultimately (as always) with confidence. Use sheer as a useful tool when layering - think of bright colours under sheer shirts/cardis/jackets or for a more subtle look sheer scarves layered to add texture and something different. Please see me modelling the shirt with a variety of colours, giving off different effects...
The recent issue of fashion156 is if by magic The Sheer Issue and the editorials within it demonstrate the myriad of ways of playing with sheer fabrics, as expected in womenswear but the boys are not forgotten! I will leave you with an image from the Man editorial...

Image from the recent fashion156 issue - The Sheer Issue - check it out if you can, the editorials are pretty awesome!

Friday 28 March 2008

Spring time!

Click for bigger! Background found here

So Spring is here, even if it is colder now than it was in February (or at least feels that way). I always find in Spring that I'm suddenly aware of the new year and start really thinking about what to do with my life/year/wardrobe, but in an excited way, rather than the 'ohmygodit's2008whatthehellamIdoing' real new year way.

Of course, this is just my way of leading up to my Spring 'if I was a boy' wishlist/inspiration boards. I realise that I'm doing a lot of inspiration board type things at the moment but... well, it's been raining pretty much constantly for a week and it doesn't look like stopping so these have been a welcome distraction. So here we go:

1. This chap, courtesy of the Sartorialist, I'm sure you must've seen... he's wonderful. If I were you I'd be scouring second hand shops for a similar jacket and swearing off skinny jeans and trousers forever.

2. Umbrella from Fulton Umbrellas. I would've thought this was a pretty obvious one. This is tiny and would probably fit in the pockets of a decent sized overcoat, or in that manbag you should be carrying. I know some men don't like carrying umbrellas (more on that at a later date) but frankly, if it's pouring down with rain it's better to carry an umbrella than to get soaked.

3. Slim wallet from QuietDoing (another Etsy find!). I've never been one to have a 'long term' wallet. You know what I mean: leather, expensive, faaaahbulous stichwork. So Spring is the right time for me to get a new, fun wallet and mix it up a bit with my accessories. Plus you've been carrying that hideous wallet you got for Christmas for 3 months now, you're not obliged to use it any more.

4. Adidas Grey Marl trainers. I know, I know, get over the Adidas already but I really like these. The look really fresh and I think you could dress them up a bit or just wear them with jeans. Plus, I'm blatently going to get them as soon as they're in the sale.

5. Another Sartorialist chap. Aside from the fact that this man is godDAMN gorgeous, I really love this look. His shirt is absolutely fantastic; the little flecks of colour in it look fantastic against the plainness of his coat... and what a coat! Also, if someone could arrange for me to have his hair, that would be great.

6. Mjolk Stone trench coat, for obvious reasons. Trench coats are everywhere at the moment, but I especially like this one which is part of Topman's new season LENS collection.

7. Blue Fairtrade cotton hoody. This is a bit of an odd one out, but I love the colour, it's in the sale and I love the buttons. Plus it's Fairtrade if you're bothered about that sort of thing.

8. Engineered Garments Overnighter bag. I know it's a bit pricey, but it's also beautiful, and handy if you go visiting a lot.

9. Silver Converse. I could say I'm influenced by the Converse worn by 1., I could say I'm influenced by the reflections in the puddles, but really I just like shiny things. I'm a simple soul.

Thursday 27 March 2008

Chequered Style - The style of an artist

Firstly I have to warn you, this post is more about an attitude rather than menswear. We at Stylesalvage are very much interested in the style of the artist, how an artist decides to visually portray themselves. EJ studied History of Art at Uni so she is much more knowledgeable on the subject than me but she did plant the seeds for my desire to visit galleries and interest in art. I fell in love with Duchamp after visiting the current exhibition at the Tate Modern, I have been a fan of Man Ray for some time but never really appreciated Duchamp until now! Countless numbers of books and articles attempt to interpret Duchamp's artwork and philosophy, but in interviews and his writing, Duchamp only added to the mystery and this is what I love about him! The interpretations interested him as creations of their own, and as reflections of the interpreter. In terms of his own style he was quite a character, a number of characters in fact (through the creation of Rose Sélavy) but one of his favourite accessories was his chess board. To say that Duchamp was an avid chess player would be something of an understatement. He played at near enough master strength, and it is well known that he had - during the later part of his formidable career as a visual artist - given up the pursuit of art in favour of chess. I can't play chess but I want to learn.

This is exactly how I want to style myself in 40 years!

Some random trivia for you, a scratchy recording of an interview with the chess loving art provocateur opened the Spring 2008 Demeulemeester show. I love Duchamp mainly because he advocated the idea that art is an attitude and a way of working rather than a practice and a product, this attitude should transcend into menswear.

Now this is me at 65! Infamous photograph of Marcel Duchamp and the nude Eve Babitz playing chess at the Duchamp Retrospective at the Pasadena museum of Art, 1963.

Wednesday 26 March 2008

Window Shopping

Upon my return to the big smoke after a flying visit to the old folks I fancied window shopping and that was exactly what my venture into town was reduced to, as all of the shops that were on my list to visit were closed on Easter Monday. ho knew stores were actually still closed over Easter? By Monday i had eaten all of my eggs so really Easter was over in my mind. Top of the list was a visit to b store and as peering through the window did little to feed my consumer urges I went online where I watched the below video. This weekend I will visit the store and I will buy something...

Tom Ford to measure 007's inside leg

The news is that arguably the most stylish tux wearer is going to be dressing Daniel Craig in the new Bond Film titled Quantum of Solace.

Tom Ford on the recent cover of Fantastic Man looking as elegant as ever in one of his own tuxes

It seems that Bond has come along way since Fleming boringly described the spy as wearing “(a) dark-blue single-breasted suit, white shirt, thin black knitted tie, black casuals” in The Man With The Golden Gun. The news has spread that James Bond is changing his tailor, Daniel Craig will be wearing a Tom Ford International tux in...Despite Eva Green's character (Vespa) supporting Brioni in Casino Royale insisting “There are dinner jackets and dinner jackets...This is the latter. And I need you looking like a man who belongs at that table,” Bond is choosing another brand of dinner jacket.

Craig in Casino Royale

I recently stumbled across this piece of news on allic and after some googling found this interesting article which talks about the development of Bond's style, from Fleming's words to the evolution of the character on the big screen.
How many men do you know who leave Moss Bross thinking that they are now a spy with a licence to kill? It might be embarassing but there can be little doubt that Bond has an iconic style, influencing many men especially when it comes to Black Tie..."Whenever there’s a new James Bond, whether it was Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton or Pierce Brosnan, the movie reflects the mood of the times,’ said Tyler Thoreson, executive editor of Who in your opinion is the most stylish Bond? Do you agree with the recent GQ poll, is Craig the most stylish 007 since Sean Connery?

It is the little things make the man. Notice the cufflinks and the pocket square. But also notice that they’re subdued—white handkerchief, understated links. And the suit, shirt, and tie are also subtle.

Tuesday 25 March 2008

More inspiration

Another week, another lot of Flickr faves. Looking back over this lot has been really interesting... it seems that this week my secret imaginary inner man (I'm not telling you his name) is liking green and pink, dressing up, facial hair and musicians. He's still vaguely old-fashioned, but I doubt that will change in a hurry. This week I have also decided that as well as rebuttoning everything (thanks Mr Wong), I've also got to get some monogrammed shirts.

I also can't resist showing off a bit about featuring here in Topmanzine's 50 best blogs & websites, mostly because I'm still shocked that anyone even vaguely involved with Topman would pay even the slightest bit of attention to us!

You make me feel damn lazy for not having created my own inspiration wall using the wonder that is flickr. I have only used it thus far as a self promotiion tool and keeping Thomas company on wardrobe_remix (more to follow on this: there will be a post relating to this by Saturday). I think I prefer your inner man to the outer you. Haha! I have to say that I was amazed when you called me last night to inform me of the good news, Topmanzine is something that I read on a regular basis so it is awesome to be recognised by something that I read and admire! Well done us and thanks Topmanzine, you make us blush!

If looks could Kilgour

Kilgour Ad photographed by Nick Knight & Art Directed by Peter Saville, Saville also models.

I came across this ad in the new issue of Fantastic Man and I just had to share it with you! It reminds me of an Aitor Throup sketch. I am currently a huge fan of Kilgour and think I will invest my suit collection fund (which is about a quarter of the way there) in the store!

I will leave you to ponder the following statements from the creative director of Kilgour, Carlo Brandelli: "There is this idea that women suffer for fashion, but unconsciously men do too. I wanted to wear a jacket all day at work but the usual heavy, stiff and fully-lined kind just isn’t comfortable.” He goes on to say “It’s still all about fit but that pressure suit-wearers experience – around the neck, across the shoulders and chest – has all gone. You need the heritage of tailoring know-how in order to do lightness with structure. It’s just that no one on Savile Row has really tried it before.”

The above ad beautifully shows that tailoring doesn't mean unforgiving, uncomfortable but can be unstructured!

PS - The title was stolen from Monocle

Monday 24 March 2008

Viva las 90s!

There seems to be a bit of a 90s revival going on at the moment (have you seen Chloe Sevigny's collection?) so these Puma/Fresh Prince of Bel Air packs should come as no real suprise.
Being the Adi-whore that I am, other trainer brands slip through the net for me, despite sites like Sneaker Freaker, Sneaker Files and Bay Area Kicks doing a great job of keeping me up to date with the latest releases. Frankly, it's probably best that I do restrict myself to one brand as I too many pairs of trainers already. However, J is insistent about Puma and the idea of a Fresh Prince 'pack' is too intruiging not to talk about.

The first pack (above) is based on Will's life before he moved to Bel Air, and the trainer features graffiti writing in the style of that seen in the opening credits. It comes with a rather funky green watch too... I must say, I think I prefer the watch to the trainers though.

The second pack (naturally) is based on Will's life when he got to Bel Air and, as such, has a more 'sophisticated' look, made of (I am informed) "top quality Italian croc skin leather with regal gold accents". I suspect this shoe will appeal to Steve who had his eye on a similar pair of Adidas (there's that name again) trainers a couple of months ago. This pair comes with a gold watch which I'm not that big a fan of... I guess this is my problem with the idea really. I like the watch of one pack but the trainers of the other. It's a pretty big ask of me that I'm going to love and want to invest my money in both a pair of trainers AND a watch all in one themed package. Maybe I'm missing the point.

There always seems to be a 90s revival, have you seen ID over the last couple of years? I am in agreement with EJ, the watch is the best piece out of the three shown here. I commented yesterday on Puma, I find the brand a little too try hard. Against the likes of Adidas and Nike, Puma is trying to find its own feet and times it creates some great pieces but these are few and far between. I tend to avoid themes like this as they date so damn quickly...that said I'm a fan of the show...Now, this is a story all about how , my life got flipped-turned upside down and I like to take a minute, just sit right there...I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel Air.

Sunday 23 March 2008

Never be the same again

Shame on me. I completely missed Prostate Cancer Awareness Week and the chance to pimp out my favourite good cause. I was made aware of my neglicence while pootling around on the Marks and Spencer website when I came across their range of merchandise and saw who they had helping them promote it...

Oh my gosh, Andi Peters, I was never meant to see you this way! (for those of you that don't know... ie, those of you not watching British kids tv in the 80s/90s, Andi Peters if a former kids tv presenter).

I would, however, recommend that you check out these socks if you fancy some new socks for spring as well helping out a good cause (and please don't forget to take the time to read up about the symptoms of the disease... awareness and early diagnosis could save your life or the life of someone you love someday).

Why can't my Easter be like...

"Why didn't you tell me I was in love with you?"

A scene from Easter Parade (1948) starring of course the one and only Fred Astaire and Judy Garland

Bring back the top hat for Easter I the very least let's have a Parade...we don't have enough parades if you ask me...

Friday 21 March 2008

The marriage between Converse and Music

Apologies for the lack of posting recently, EJ and myself have been pretty busy but be rest assured after the Easter holidays we will come back with a vengeance (I don't think this is the true message of Easter but that's what I take from it). Before I go back home to see the old folk and eat my body weight in various forms of chocolate and of course hot cross buns I thought I'd share with you an interesting article from the Guardian. Kriss Murison ponders how a sports shoe now owned by Nike came to symbolise good old fashioned Rock & Roll! The article discusses how a number of brands attempt the association with music and in particular trainers and some get it very wrong. This comes in the aftermath of the Dr Martens running an advertising campaign featuring dead rock stars such as Kurt Cobain and Sid Vicious wearing the brand's boots in heaven which caused a great deal of controversy and saw the Ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi sacked.

Edgy or bad taste and offensive?

What ever your feelings about the ad campaign it wasn't successful but Converse are always so good at demonstrating this link between music and their classic shoe. The new Converse ads bring together Sid Vicious and Joy Division's Ian Curtis alongside musical icons still-pumping musical blood, including Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong and soundclash experimentalist MIA. Non-musical legends, from Hunter S Thompson to NBA star Dwyane Wade, also appear in the ad, which is intended to drive home the message that Converse has "always been about inspiring originality and the spirit of optimistic rebellion". Karen O from the YYYs confesses her love for them "They have become as much a part of my image as the bright red lips and torn fishnets. I'm happy to endorse a shoe that my feet have known so intimately throughout my rock'n'roll exploits."

We all have at least one pair of Converse...I have four pairs...but are the shoes rock'n'roll? I was leaving the office yesterday for a spot of lunch when I looked down in the lift and noticed that all four guys inside were wearing the same pair of white converse like a uniform. We work in Marketing. I have to add though that while my peers had pristine glowing white ones mine were a little more rock'n'roll as they have become pretty darn battered and are more grey/brown than white. That said if you think of some of the most enduring rock'n'roll images ever captured many will involve Converse, from the Ramones' All-Stars sticking out like canvas clown shoes at the ends of their drainpipe jeans, to the Strokes' NME cover.

Many brands try to profit from the relationship between music and fashion but I don't any will be as successful as Converse who have a strong bond that goes far deeper than clever ad campaigns!

Thursday 20 March 2008

Happy Easter!

Found here

Yes, we're a bit early. Just thought we'd wish everyone a happy Easter- we're both off to un-internetted places for the long weekend, but you can expect a return to normality next week. Gorge yourselves on chocolate and hot cross buns in the meantime.

Thursday 13 March 2008

Picture postcard: that's amore

Dear Steve,

Some outfits are all about attitude, right? Somehow Dean pulls off a not-quite-right striped shirt, partly by keeping the rest of the outfit toned down. He pulls off a pointy receding hairline with a little bit of a bouffant... and those eyebrows. Just love his expression here. I reckon you should give that hairstyle a go- but how to get that much lift and retain that neatness?

Ok, ok, I admit it. I was in HMV, saw this album cover and just had to share. I wish I had the words 'pretty baby' floating above my head wherever I go. Perhaps I should go blonde again. Just listening to Dean Martin sing makes me feel even more slovenly for dressing in jeans.


Wow, the variety of readers that we get constantly amazes me! Thank's to EJ's wonderful post above I was made aware of ilovedinomartin. I loved reading through the Dylan Jones article on Dean Martin, especially the quote "His cool wasn't born out of arrogance; it was born out of indifference." I could not agree more. There were so many entertainers out there around the same time and subsequently who had to work so hard for the admiration that they received, Martin just acted how he wanted, when he wanted as it all came so easy to him!

Wednesday 12 March 2008

Ice creams that I actually quite like...just don't offer me a flake as well

Have you heard the story about how I once got fired from my job at an Ice cream parlour located on Margate seafront? Well I'll tell you. I used to work from time to time in this little Ice cream outlet where I was by myself, bored silly...until I had a mad rush of customers from time to time. On cold days you can imagine how redundant and bored I felt. Well it was days like this that led to my downfall and ultimately got me fired. What would you do to occupy yourself, surrounded only by ice cream in various flavours (approximately 10, my favourite was mint choc chip), a whippy machine, boxes of cones and....flakes. It was the flakes that got me. I used to eat so many and to cut a long story short my employer didn't like my flake consumption and and the end of one weekend politely asked me not to come in the following weekend. Sad times indeed.

Moving back to the subject of menswear, I've not been a fan of the BBC range of clothing or the IceCream trainers but I have stumbled across the above during a recent visit to Kanye's blog. BBC/Ice Cream has just released the new Diamonds and Dollar shoe that looks like a hybrid between a boat shoe and a classic sneaker....The shoe features the notorious BBC/Ice Cream Diamonds and Dollars print printed all over the denim upper of the shoe. The White laces and White outsole give the shoe a classic look mixed with the denim Blue. It doesn't come with a flake though....What do you think?

Monday 10 March 2008

Etsy: because handmade's not just for girls

Some days it feels like the internet is made for women. I hear about something new, check it out with half a mind to blogging about it only to find it dominated by men. This could of course be because I'm a girl, and thus drawn to 'girly' things, or because what I blog about is so much considered to be a feminine pursuit (proven, I suppose by the huge imbalance in ratio of male to female fashion bloggers).

I trawl through sites like wardrobe_remix looking for something that will appeal to this blog's audience (other than tremendously pretty women in lovely clothes) with very little luck. I must be a glutton for punishment though as I set myself the challenge of finding stylish pieces for men from handmade emporium and stealer of my time, Etsy.

Etsy, for those of you that don't know is 'your place to buy and sell all things handmade', and frankly, it rocks. If you're ever stuck for a gift, it is the place to look for beautiful ceramics and prints. It also has a plethora of t shirts. Here are a few of my picks:

Cubist Literature

He knits, he sews, he draws, he IS craft man. See below for an example of his rather nice fingerless mitts... great thing being, of course, that you can get the custom made in whatever colours you want.


I also really like his 'ribcage hearts' stuff, an example of which is here. Oh, and I love this.

These guys handmake all of their stuff from 100% salvaged material in their little studio in Seattle. It's bright and bold with lovely clean lines. I think when you're going to be wearing something this bold it's probably comforting to know that you're probably not going to see someone in the same thing.

Found here

This stuff's a bit more expensive, but I do think it's worth it. I also like this hoodie and this t shirt... sorry, textile art.


T shirts and more t shirts. I very much like the prints on them though particularly the one below:

Found here and available in many, many colours

I suspect people are a bit bored of print t shirts now though. I'm not though, so if you fancy getting me this, feel free.

And finally, for something completely different, check this bad boy out:

Oh my.

Sunday 9 March 2008

Picture Postcard: Suffering from double vision is a treat times two!

I hadn't noticed this myself (it was pointed out to me by the lovely EJ) but both the sartorialist and facehunter took identical shots of the above gentleman. I think this is the first instance of this phenomena and I doubt there will be too many but I certainly enjoyed it. I would not tire of seeing this quintessentially attired Springwear. I had infact commented on the sartorialist as soon as I laid eyes on it. Looking at the comments opinion was pretty divided by it; it really seems like this outfit has the marmite effect, well I am quite partial to a thin layer of Marmite spread on generously buttered toast and I am a fan of the above get up as well.

Regardless of the dubious points of this outfit one has to applaud the colour palette and the textures surely? The coat is cut extremely well and I enjoy the juxtaposition of the tailored top half against the slightly awkward and chunky bottom half, with the short trousers and the boots. I love the mix of the checked trousers below the argyle pattern of the jumper. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the boots (as in they are not something I would ever be drawn to whilst shopping) but they work within this outfit. Yes, those glasses seem to be adorning the vast majority of noses right now but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. All in all these two shots have caused a little stir (obtaining exactly 100 comments on the sartorialist) but what do you think? Do you like his hair, the glasses, the everything...or have I just turned mad from all of my marmite consumption?

I like everything... separately. Together it's just too much of a muchness. I wish he'd bloody well cheer up too! (On a different note, the sart's version is a better compostition. When I first saw Yvan's version I commented to the boyf that this chap should be a bit more the right...)

Saturday 8 March 2008

Unlikely Style Icon 1 - Isambard Kingdom Brunel

This is a series that I have wanted to start from some time - Unlikely Style Icons - but where to begin? I have been searching for where to begin this thread and I'm afraid that I have had to resort to looking over another boys shoulder to get the answers. I picked up the new issue of Another Man (which is another great issue) and there on page 86 was Jsen Wintle's style icon...Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

For those of you who are not aware of him, Brunel was one of the most versatile and audacious engineers of the 19th century, responsible for the design of tunnels, bridges, railway lines and ships. There can be little doubt that images like the one above are truly iconic images, posing in front of huge chains with top hat and cigar in mouth (apparently he smoked 40 a day). His style was a little mismatched: refined meets awkward, even scruffy with his dirt splattered trousers and beaten up old boots (let's not forget what he did for a living). Wintle ultimately describes Brunel's style as masculine elegance and this style should be hugely appealing for most men. His look was very much his own. I very much enjoy looking at old grainy photographs and one of the things that I love about them is that all of the men look very similar... except for a few notable exceptions, one of whom is Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

Friday 7 March 2008

I saw this, I want it, I need it...I must have it!

I saw this over on Fashion156 and I have fallen head over heels for it...

If you are wondering what it is, well I'll tell is a camera brooch by Yazbukey (available @ and it will certainly finish of an outfit!

Who has the hippest style?

So...have you got a favourite hip hop style icon. We at Style Salvage appreciate the individual styles of Kanye and Andre 3000, EJ's clear favourite is Mr 3000 himself but I'm not so sure...

In the red corner (because Kanye is so hot right now) we have Kanye West (the above shot taken with his girlfriend in Paris by the one and only Sartorialist) if you don't see his style credentials please check out this interview, here and here. Of course he likes Bape and Louis V but this guy isn't all about labels he is passionate about fashion, you can see from his blog that he reads highsnobiety and, he is a great consumer of fashion and I can certainly relate to that. I am a frequent reader of his blog and am constantly surprised by the clothes and designers that he features...he has great taste! There is of course talk of a fashion line and I am intrigued to see what comes out of it.
Below, in the blue corner (ice is kind of blue) we have Andre 'Ice Cold' 3000 who recently collected this award and of course he is working on his own clothing line. There can be no doubt that this Mr 3000 has a definite sense of personal style, it has evolved from a colourful hip hop style (by this I mean sampling a mish mash of colours and styles as opposed to just sneakers and gold chains) into a more refined style which has seen him collect silk scarves (one day i want to collect silk scarves)! Sources of his fashion inspiration include clothes from “Legends of the Fall” and “The Great Gatsby” and the “old men” in his neighbourhood.

Personally I can't choose between them, I'm going to sit on the fence and appreciate them both, in terms of their individual style and their understanding of fashion and how to look good. Have you got a favourite?

Thursday 6 March 2008

Presents, presents, presents!

Below are the parting gifts that I received from my work buddies after I decided to move to pastures new! As you can see they know me well and rather than getting the usual choice of vouchers actually putting a great deal of thought and effort in to was almost enough to make me go all emotional!

1 - Polka dot skinny Paul Smith tie - check out the awesome lining!
2 - Raf Simons Redux - I've wanted this (coffee table -which reminds me that I really need to get a coffee table) book for some time now but the price tag has always made me view it as an extragence (as it's a present I don't have to worry about that!).
3 - Daks Plimsoles complete with personalisation, remarks such as 'we may miss shoe' and 'steve's got sole' will always make me smile.

All in all I was spoilt and I left with a smile on my face but maybe a little sad at the same time which I certainly wasn't expecting!
Oh man, I love the 'shoe' puns... will you wear them though, or just keep them on display? The tie looks great, Stevie, you're clearly beating me in the PDG stakes!

For Love is Heaven and Heaven is Love (of facial hair)

I had fully intended to do a proper post this evening but when I remembered that one of my favourite films was on tv (and a certain someone still has my dvd of it), I'm afraid that the film took precident.

One good thing that came out of it (apart from me thoroughly enjoying myself... and shedding a few tears, I'm not ashamed!) was that I was reminded of the wonders of Niven's 'tache. So I thought I'd share it with you.

Picture courtesy of The Powell and Pressburger Pages

Genius. Love the tie too.

EDIT: Please read this, it's good.

Niven's facial hair is truly special, hard to pull off but when successful it is my favourite lip accessory! What do you make of Orlando Bloom's effort? I'm unsure about it, I do appreciate his effort though! It would look better though if he addressed his wardrobe...I'm intrigued to hear about any of our readers success/horror stories with their own facial hair, or at the very least men in the media. We should go on a search for the top tache...

Wednesday 5 March 2008

News - The Corner opens its virtual doors just opened its virtual doors in the US and the EU with theSpring/Summer ‘08 Men’s Collections by 20 selected designers with another 20 brands set to join for Fall/Winter ’08. Just another outlet for me to either spend all of my money or pretend to (which is actually quite fun, browser shopping I call it). I particularly like the bags of Jas MB (I've felt the leather and it is so damn soft that you just want to stroke it day) and of course the shoes of Swear. My love/obsession with Swear shoes was reignited on Monday as I had to physically restrain myself from buying far too many pairs of shoes at the store on Carnaby Street....

Tuesday 4 March 2008


I'm a bit enamoured with Flickr, though I must admit I am having a torrid affair with Ffffound. If Flickr is my loving, reliable spouse then Fffound is that new partner- exciting, wild and a bit unexpected. I digress.

For a little while now I have been storing up my Flickr faves, my inspiration board, to share with you, to show the mood I've been in the past month or so. It's fairly typical- lots of black and white, classic shots, broken up here and there with flashes of colour. Moustaches, a quiff and Adidas feature, as do a few of my favourite bloggers.

There's a bit more dressing up than I usually go for, but I think I'm just looking for a break from the tedium of work uniform (I don't have an actualy uniform, but I'm not a naturally smart dresser so it's a bit of a hassle for me- more on this in a later post).

So what's been inspiring you this year so far?
Oh EJ, it is scary how similar our minds are. Most of your inspirations stir my loins also, furthermore you have also turned my attention on to some new bloggers! I like the idea of a virtual inspiration board and will get to work on mine. I will try not to replicate yours too much and throw in some fresh inspirations....

Monday 3 March 2008

Picture Postcard - Guilty Pleasure

Well it has been a while since I sent you a picture postcard, apologies for that. I am going to make up for it though with sharing a confession with you, I quite like how Mark Ronson dresses. Yes, it is a little faux Beatles (after recently catching him on that god awful Lily Allen show) and I am not a fan of his a producer/musician (in my opinion adding a brass section every single time does not a remix make), I even dislike his weird voice but I do like that he is bringing a little old school style to the Awards Bashes (Best British Male...really, whatever happened to Robbie Williams...). Am I crazy?
Yes. Yes you are. I have no idea what he dresses like as I can't get past his annoying, continually bored looking face. Sorry, I know I've said that we should try to be positive on the blog, but I can't stand that man.

Sunday 2 March 2008

Conformist Style

As Friday night was a boozy farewell with my workmates I had to do something different the following night, so off I went to the busy, media centre that is the BFI Southbank to watch one of the most stylish films that I have ever seen, Bertolluci's 'Il Conformista'. It was a visual masterpiece, blurring the lines between photography and art with a masterful display of light, shadow and of course wardrobe! This is the film that made Bernardo Bertolucci's international reputation, The Conformist (based on Alberto Moravia's novel) is equal parts film noir, Freudian melodrama, and political commentary. Unfortunately the volume of quality film stills from the film are few and far between so I will have to use the efforts on youtube to back up these ramblings of an adoring fan.

The opening scenes of the film just made me sit up and listen, the hangover was now long forgotten. We see Trintignant take out his recently acquired accessory (a gun) to complete his new look.
A sensual political period drama, The Conformist (aka Il Conformista) stars the quite brilliant Jean-Louis Trintignant as Marcelo Clerici, a weak-willed Italian who has embraced Mussolini and his Brown Shirts. Encouraged to embrace conformity by his new bride, Giulia (Sandrelli), Clerici finds that his French honeymoon is to double as an attempt on the life of his former teacher (Tarascio), now a political dissident living in exile. Packed off to Paris with a pistol and some great suits, it slowly emerges that Marcelo has a twisted personal history in which sex and violence go hand in hand.

One of my christmas presents was a pair of leather gloves, all I need is a similar hat and I will try and replicate the above look. Obviously the backdrop of Paris and pretty lady as accessory can helps create the stylish scene.

This is a style blog though and in my childish excitement I can stray from the point of this post 'What is the point of this post' I hear you ask, well, the film is a cinemagraphic demonstration of how a man should I want to dress! One of the most visually striking aspects of the film for me was the perfected shirt length. It is always well talked about when discussing men's style and everyone has their own opinon (I like the Sartorialist's take on the matter), mine is that Jean-Louis Trintignant demonstrates how it should be done. Jean-Louis Trintignant is an actor as at home in spaghetti westerns (The Big Silence) as in human dramas (Three Colours: Red). However, he was never more beautiful nor more brilliant than as Clerici.

As it is Mothers Day today you should use the above example of what to wear whilst walking back home with the gift of flowers. Just look at the amouint of cuff on show, the perfect cut of the suit and the commendable choice in headwear. Why on earth don't people dress like this anymore?

I urge you to go and see this film which is almost Wellsian in its baroque flamboyance, all luxurious lighting and colours, sweeping camera movements and ornate design. The emotionally expressive lighting of cinematographer Vittorio Storaro has attracted much comment and acclaim. Storaro – who would go on to win Academy Awards for Apocalypse Now, Reds and The Last Emperor – describes thus his approach to the scenes set in Fascist Rome: 'I wanted to show through light the idea of claustrophobia, of being caged. I used the idea that light could never reach the shadows, so that there was a distinct separation between the shadows and the light.' . The below clip is one of my favourite parts of the film and beautifully demonstrates why you should see this film.


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