Friday, 28 March 2008

Spring time!

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So Spring is here, even if it is colder now than it was in February (or at least feels that way). I always find in Spring that I'm suddenly aware of the new year and start really thinking about what to do with my life/year/wardrobe, but in an excited way, rather than the 'ohmygodit's2008whatthehellamIdoing' real new year way.

Of course, this is just my way of leading up to my Spring 'if I was a boy' wishlist/inspiration boards. I realise that I'm doing a lot of inspiration board type things at the moment but... well, it's been raining pretty much constantly for a week and it doesn't look like stopping so these have been a welcome distraction. So here we go:

1. This chap, courtesy of the Sartorialist, I'm sure you must've seen... he's wonderful. If I were you I'd be scouring second hand shops for a similar jacket and swearing off skinny jeans and trousers forever.

2. Umbrella from Fulton Umbrellas. I would've thought this was a pretty obvious one. This is tiny and would probably fit in the pockets of a decent sized overcoat, or in that manbag you should be carrying. I know some men don't like carrying umbrellas (more on that at a later date) but frankly, if it's pouring down with rain it's better to carry an umbrella than to get soaked.

3. Slim wallet from QuietDoing (another Etsy find!). I've never been one to have a 'long term' wallet. You know what I mean: leather, expensive, faaaahbulous stichwork. So Spring is the right time for me to get a new, fun wallet and mix it up a bit with my accessories. Plus you've been carrying that hideous wallet you got for Christmas for 3 months now, you're not obliged to use it any more.

4. Adidas Grey Marl trainers. I know, I know, get over the Adidas already but I really like these. The look really fresh and I think you could dress them up a bit or just wear them with jeans. Plus, I'm blatently going to get them as soon as they're in the sale.

5. Another Sartorialist chap. Aside from the fact that this man is godDAMN gorgeous, I really love this look. His shirt is absolutely fantastic; the little flecks of colour in it look fantastic against the plainness of his coat... and what a coat! Also, if someone could arrange for me to have his hair, that would be great.

6. Mjolk Stone trench coat, for obvious reasons. Trench coats are everywhere at the moment, but I especially like this one which is part of Topman's new season LENS collection.

7. Blue Fairtrade cotton hoody. This is a bit of an odd one out, but I love the colour, it's in the sale and I love the buttons. Plus it's Fairtrade if you're bothered about that sort of thing.

8. Engineered Garments Overnighter bag. I know it's a bit pricey, but it's also beautiful, and handy if you go visiting a lot.

9. Silver Converse. I could say I'm influenced by the Converse worn by 1., I could say I'm influenced by the reflections in the puddles, but really I just like shiny things. I'm a simple soul.


Anonymous said...

The Sart-ed fellow on the right is due rapturous applause...the coat, the hair, the expression...perfect.

Surely he's a model?


j said...

Yes, Spring is a great time for style and thinking about clothes. It must have something to do with the birds and bees thing.

Anonymous said...

I like metallic sneakers. I think they are evening casual wear though. The other day I saw someone walking through Union Square as I was on my way to a gig and thought I might go blind from the reflection.


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