Monday, 3 March 2008

Picture Postcard - Guilty Pleasure

Well it has been a while since I sent you a picture postcard, apologies for that. I am going to make up for it though with sharing a confession with you, I quite like how Mark Ronson dresses. Yes, it is a little faux Beatles (after recently catching him on that god awful Lily Allen show) and I am not a fan of his a producer/musician (in my opinion adding a brass section every single time does not a remix make), I even dislike his weird voice but I do like that he is bringing a little old school style to the Awards Bashes (Best British Male...really, whatever happened to Robbie Williams...). Am I crazy?
Yes. Yes you are. I have no idea what he dresses like as I can't get past his annoying, continually bored looking face. Sorry, I know I've said that we should try to be positive on the blog, but I can't stand that man.


Anonymous said...

I do like how he dresses too! And he's easy on the eyes. I will forgive him just once for that crap Morrissey cover. :)

Anonymous said...

I think he has Asperger's syndrome. He looks so disengaged. His clothes are well turned out, but there is something so self aware about his aesthetic.

And don't get me started about that eye gaugingly bad Lily Allen show.

Thomas said...

A brass section does not a remix make, but it does make for some enjoyable driving music.

As for his style, he is well-appointed. Definitely well-appointed.

Anonymous said...


I always considered him somewhat dashing, not uncannily dashing but somewhat.

I do love what you've done with IFB logo...must try it out myself.


Anonymous said...

The guy shops at DoverStreetMarket. Guess he picks up some good stuff


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