Wednesday, 5 March 2008

News - The Corner opens its virtual doors just opened its virtual doors in the US and the EU with theSpring/Summer ‘08 Men’s Collections by 20 selected designers with another 20 brands set to join for Fall/Winter ’08. Just another outlet for me to either spend all of my money or pretend to (which is actually quite fun, browser shopping I call it). I particularly like the bags of Jas MB (I've felt the leather and it is so damn soft that you just want to stroke it day) and of course the shoes of Swear. My love/obsession with Swear shoes was reignited on Monday as I had to physically restrain myself from buying far too many pairs of shoes at the store on Carnaby Street....


Thomas said...

Rather unsurprisingly, Canada is not on the country list.

How is a member of the G8, with one of the top ten GDP's in the world, still treated like such a consumer backwater?

And why can I not get Basil Hayden bourbon up here?


Style Salvage Steve said...

I sympathise with your predicament! Is all well in Canada despite the confidence damaging overlooking in consumerism?

Anonymous said...

Ah Swearitis. I do enjoy my bouts of Swearitis.


Style Salvage Steve said...

My swearitis gave me blisters! I failed to break in my most recent acquisiton and they gave me the blisters from hell...I still love them though and any pain is well worth the gain!


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