Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Tom Ford to measure 007's inside leg

The news is that arguably the most stylish tux wearer is going to be dressing Daniel Craig in the new Bond Film titled Quantum of Solace.

Tom Ford on the recent cover of Fantastic Man looking as elegant as ever in one of his own tuxes

It seems that Bond has come along way since Fleming boringly described the spy as wearing “(a) dark-blue single-breasted suit, white shirt, thin black knitted tie, black casuals” in The Man With The Golden Gun. The news has spread that James Bond is changing his tailor, Daniel Craig will be wearing a Tom Ford International tux in...Despite Eva Green's character (Vespa) supporting Brioni in Casino Royale insisting “There are dinner jackets and dinner jackets...This is the latter. And I need you looking like a man who belongs at that table,” Bond is choosing another brand of dinner jacket.

Craig in Casino Royale

I recently stumbled across this piece of news on allic and after some googling found this interesting article which talks about the development of Bond's style, from Fleming's words to the evolution of the character on the big screen.
How many men do you know who leave Moss Bross thinking that they are now a spy with a licence to kill? It might be embarassing but there can be little doubt that Bond has an iconic style, influencing many men especially when it comes to Black Tie..."Whenever there’s a new James Bond, whether it was Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton or Pierce Brosnan, the movie reflects the mood of the times,’ said Tyler Thoreson, executive editor of Who in your opinion is the most stylish Bond? Do you agree with the recent GQ poll, is Craig the most stylish 007 since Sean Connery?

It is the little things make the man. Notice the cufflinks and the pocket square. But also notice that they’re subdued—white handkerchief, understated links. And the suit, shirt, and tie are also subtle.


Pret a Porter P said...

interesting piece of news. I was raised on Bond films.

I was surprised to read that Brioni dressed all at the table in casino royale.

I agree that Bond needs to be updated with the times. Pierce was a fitting Bond, but looking back at the movies he could get pretty cornball. Craig as the new Bond is sleeker, edgier, and sexier. And Tom Ford would be able to capture that. I just hope Bond keeps his Aston.

There used to be a video on about the wardrobe of Casino Royale: Brioni & Cavalli. But Fashion File has changed around so much, that I couldnt find it.

Thomas said...

Connery is so far above all other Bonds as to render the discussion of "next most stylish" irrelevant.

And really...Quantum of Solace? I'm an English major and even I think that's one quantum too many. What's the next movie going to be called, "A Quandary of Quagmires?"

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ford is truly an authority on menswear and I'm pleased to hear he's getting involved. God knows Bond needs him...


Style Salvage Steve said...

h of candid cool - The Aston will stay for aslong as Bond exists (atleast in my mind anyway)
Thomas - I agree wholeheartedly with you and although we are the majority I thought I'd see if anyone out there had a different opinion (the fools!)
DBG - Another Tom Ford post will follow, I am intrigued by his concept on tailoiring, I will try and post it before the end of the weekend!

Anonymous said...

It's odd enough that men don't get inspired from movies others than James Bond. At least hearing'em talk about James Bond's style like a reference makes me wonder what kind of style culture needs a man so he'd feel the smallest breeze of fashion? Or it may be that you can't get a man on the fashion frequency unless it features a serious dose of macho-something?

So finally, to get in touch with your subject, as being the original departure point, it's only normal that JB reflect the times more than the man. And even if Daniel Craig is well suited (surprisingly, even!) for the part, I doubt there could be anyone matching Sean Connery's style and stature.


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