Monday, 10 March 2008

Etsy: because handmade's not just for girls

Some days it feels like the internet is made for women. I hear about something new, check it out with half a mind to blogging about it only to find it dominated by men. This could of course be because I'm a girl, and thus drawn to 'girly' things, or because what I blog about is so much considered to be a feminine pursuit (proven, I suppose by the huge imbalance in ratio of male to female fashion bloggers).

I trawl through sites like wardrobe_remix looking for something that will appeal to this blog's audience (other than tremendously pretty women in lovely clothes) with very little luck. I must be a glutton for punishment though as I set myself the challenge of finding stylish pieces for men from handmade emporium and stealer of my time, Etsy.

Etsy, for those of you that don't know is 'your place to buy and sell all things handmade', and frankly, it rocks. If you're ever stuck for a gift, it is the place to look for beautiful ceramics and prints. It also has a plethora of t shirts. Here are a few of my picks:

Cubist Literature

He knits, he sews, he draws, he IS craft man. See below for an example of his rather nice fingerless mitts... great thing being, of course, that you can get the custom made in whatever colours you want.


I also really like his 'ribcage hearts' stuff, an example of which is here. Oh, and I love this.

These guys handmake all of their stuff from 100% salvaged material in their little studio in Seattle. It's bright and bold with lovely clean lines. I think when you're going to be wearing something this bold it's probably comforting to know that you're probably not going to see someone in the same thing.

Found here

This stuff's a bit more expensive, but I do think it's worth it. I also like this hoodie and this t shirt... sorry, textile art.


T shirts and more t shirts. I very much like the prints on them though particularly the one below:

Found here and available in many, many colours

I suspect people are a bit bored of print t shirts now though. I'm not though, so if you fancy getting me this, feel free.

And finally, for something completely different, check this bad boy out:

Oh my.


Style Salvage Steve said...

wow, such a comprehensive post, you have been searching etsy with a fine toothed comb! Etsy is a great place but there is a staggering gender is the case on wardrobe_remix...the men out there (me included) need to get off their respective asses and do something about it! Who's with me?
Anyway, back to the post...the skinny gold tie is awesome, I want to add it to my collection of skinny ties, which is slowly taking shape! My favourite find of yours has to be ruffeo heartslil snoty, a little on the expensive side but you have to hand it to them!

Thomas said...

Damn it, beaten to the punch. Whatever, I'll write it anyway.

1. wardrobe-remix wouldn't be so one-sided if people like Steve started posting there. Cough.

2. I need that hooded jacket. It combines my three latest obsessions - hoods, jackets, and colour blocking.

3. Tonight I got dressed up for Sharon even though we are 35 miles and a body of water apart. I thought I'd share that here as to demonstrate my madness.

Pret a Porter P said...

cool tie, house & hot air balloon tee, and i like the bunny sweater for some reason too

EJ said...

Steve- I don't spend hours on Etsy for no reason

1- Patience!
2- So buy that hooded jacket and report back
3- 35 miles? Pah! That's no distance at all!

P: I think that bunny sweater has voodoo powers.


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