Thursday, 6 March 2008

Presents, presents, presents!

Below are the parting gifts that I received from my work buddies after I decided to move to pastures new! As you can see they know me well and rather than getting the usual choice of vouchers actually putting a great deal of thought and effort in to was almost enough to make me go all emotional!

1 - Polka dot skinny Paul Smith tie - check out the awesome lining!
2 - Raf Simons Redux - I've wanted this (coffee table -which reminds me that I really need to get a coffee table) book for some time now but the price tag has always made me view it as an extragence (as it's a present I don't have to worry about that!).
3 - Daks Plimsoles complete with personalisation, remarks such as 'we may miss shoe' and 'steve's got sole' will always make me smile.

All in all I was spoilt and I left with a smile on my face but maybe a little sad at the same time which I certainly wasn't expecting!
Oh man, I love the 'shoe' puns... will you wear them though, or just keep them on display? The tie looks great, Stevie, you're clearly beating me in the PDG stakes!


Thomas said...

My goal is to work somewhere where, when I leave, I get such parting gifts. Paul Smith...I want a lot of money and then, then, I am going to buy all your ties and socks sir. Mark my words, Paul Smith - I am going to raid your very house.

Anonymous said...

wonderful gifts you got there!

I also adore Simons. He's a gift to menswear considering his collections for Jil Sander and his own eponymous line, I can't hardly wait for his up coming collections.


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