Saturday, 17 April 2010

I am love and the colours of Summer

I was fortunate to watch Guadagnino's work of daring and skill in I Am Love on the opening release night. Over a week has passed and my mind and body are still recovering from the all senses stimulation received during those one hundred and twenty minutes. The beauty washed over me in waves and I'm still tingling. Guadagnino's fluid camera almost becomes a character in itself. John Adams' crashing, arresting and impulsive scores added to the defining moments beautifully. The shifting focus from reading the character's lips to reading the film itself. The symbolic role that food plays. The Raf Simons for Jil Sander wardrobe as visual metaphor of character evolution. The crushingly beautifully landscape of Linguria. All of these elements still excite my . However, the facet that has left the most lasting impression is the colour palette. Every time I close my eyes I see flashes of dazzingly bright acid colours before focusing on a wild field of zucchini flowers. After similarly watching the film on opening night, Colin at Sharpened Lead penned an excellent piece on the film's palette where he rightfully declared that the "film defines the colours of Summer."

The ideal palette for Summer.

The story is bold enough, but true daring is at play in the film’s style. Swinton and Guadagnino describe it as ‘Visconti on acid’ and that’s as good a phrase as any to describe the film’s intoxicating allure. Swinton is ridiculously enjoyable to watch, dressed in colours that I want to eat, drink and consume in any way possible, just pass me a spoon. Swinton's wearable androgyny makes her a true icon of style regardless of style. It is the interplay of orange peel and amber with powder blues and navy that I love from the very marrow of my bones. Now you might ask why it has taken me this long to post about my obsessive love for the film. The answer is that I have been searching for pieces that I could add to my wardrobe that could happily nestle against the busom of the film's style. I did not have to look all too far, it was right under my nose in the form of Hentsch Man. Last week I shared a sneak preview of the labels AW10 collection but it is the current offering that ends my search...

As mentioned in previous posts Hentsch Man is a simple, elegant and wearable menswear label that provides men with classic wardrobe basics with a dashing addition of colour and slim cuts. The current selection (shown above) is the perfect wardrobe for the sunshine. The Joe cords in ochre, the blue Benny shirt, the bright orange fedoras crafted by Parisian milliners La Cerise sur Le Chapeau and the Argentinian delivery bags reborn as chic weekend bags are just a few of the highlights. For the more daring amongst us the brand has designed a range of Nantucket shorts exclusively for Garbstore. They would not look out of place on the slender, well defined legs belonging to Tilda Swinton...oh I am in love with the colours of Summer...

The Nantucket shorts are available exclusively at Garbstore.


John said...

I'll have the lot please!

iliketweet said...

Ooh, beautiful... Jealous you got to see it, it looks visually stunning.

tweet tweet tweet


joy said...

oh how pretty! I like that you used the Tilda Swinton film as a reference. I love that woman. I am also attracted to Jil Sander's color pattern. So good to see more regular posts again.

Style Salvage Steve said...

John: Me too and I hope to be wearing it as I tuck in to that mouth watering dish of prawns and Ratatouille with sweet and sour sauce. Yummy.
Clare: As soon as you get the chance you should go and see it. It is a rat for all the senses.
Joy: I love her too. As for the regular posting, I've been under the weather for the last week or so but I'm fighting fit again now (well almost).

Agata Likes said...

I agree, the movie was the feast for all the senses & I'd love to see it again to immerse myself in its beauty again.


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