Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Asger Juel Larsen's Welding Man

Although LCF's Class of 2009 was strangely low on menswear Asger Juel Larsen shone through with his take on modern chain mail and has left a lasting impression. Inspired by the Medieval period Larsen created a modern adaption of armour by producing 'futuristic' ideas of chain mail using alternative materials such as leather, PVC and rubber cords. Ever since that June 2009 show, I've been watching Larsen's aesthetic develop with interest and happily share a preview of his latest collection. For Spring/Summer 2011, Danish born Larsen chose to explore an extreme view of high temperatures with his Welding Man. Set between 1930's warship boiler rooms and a non time specific factory spirit, his protagonist is a heavy duty welding mechanic. With a balance between the primitive and the technical, his clothes reflect the intensity, focus and drive of craftsmanship. The texture rich collection is laboriously crafted and range from burned wool, nappa leather to raw cut silk, mesh, quilted pvc and his now trademark use of rubber throughout.

As all eyes are on New York for the final shows before the fashion baton is passed across the Atlantic, Larsen chose to shoot a preview of his Welding Man in Williamsburg. Styled by Emily Eisen and shot by Andras Ridovics, the workers masculinity is all to see...

Photography: Andras Ridovics
Styling: Emily Eisen
Location: Williamsburg, New York


Larsen's Welding Man will be featured in a live installation in Machine-A throughout London Fashion Week (September 17th-22nd). Make sure you check it out if you're in town. Two days and counting...


John said...

This is a nice preview for LFW. I'm looking forward to machine a!!!

Marion said...

Wow hadn't seen this shoot but LOVE. Will try hit machine A to see in person. xxx

elana said...

wow great design . like it


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