Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Autumn Favourites

Oh how we love Autumn here at Style Salvage. Some of you might be clinging on to the season just passed but we love those mornings from late September through to December where we can layer, wrap and protect ourselves in an assortment of comfortable and practical fabrics. Wool, tweed, cashmere and anything else we can get our hands on are all layered on to envelop and comfort us. Of course there is the occasional grim autumnal day where we look outside and want to do nothing but watch old films and hide away from the world but after a busy summer even these days can be most welcome. When the sun does shine we happily explore the changing landscape, rich in comforting tones and ever evolving. So, to celebrate our favourite season we asked a selection of our favourite people to tell us about an item in their wardrobe that they are looking forward to wear throughout Autumn. Responses range from a trusty knit that has seen them through many a year to a recent design that they're eager to try for the very first time, the first three items are described below.

"I got this coat when I was living in New York over the summer, and it has the makings of a fall favorite. It's easy, subtle, and comfortable but still has a lot of character."
The Dandy Project

Long black hidden snap-button cashmere coat by Assembly New York

A close up of the cosy pockets

"My favourite autumn/winter item this year is my Crombie coat. I love the minimalism of the design with a fly front, two subtle buttons on the sleeve and sleek jet pockets, together with the masculine structure of the shoulder line - it creates a lovely combination. Skinheads are one of the biggest influences in my personal style, so this is a staple in my wardrobe and no doubt will be for years to come."
Charlie Casely-Hayford.

Charlie modelling his Crombie.

"If you have a tendency to disdain trends, put away the sneer cannon for chambray scarves. Yes, chambray has become as ubiquitous as bad shoes, and wearing a toque in summer has basically ruined outerwear accessories in any season not called winter. But - chambray is a fabulous fabric, and the Japanese varieties used by The Hill-Side are the perfect weight and texture for a fall scarf."
Thomas Wong.

S70-001 Selvedge Chambray Scarf by the Hill-Side

If you are still struggling with the joys of Autumn, we'd like to share the opening stanza of Keats' ever popular To Autumn. There is nothing too confusing or complex in Keats’s paean to the season, with its fruitfulness, its flowers and the song of its swallows gathering for migration.

Over the coming weeks we will be sharing a number of Autumn favourites with you but we'd love to hear from you as well. Is there a particular item that has seen you through many a cooler season? Or perhaps you've recently bought something that you're eager to road test the minute the leaves begin to fall from the trees? Do let us know.


Anonymous said...

I love autumn too. Not sure what my favourite item is, too difficult a question to answer now but will think about it.

Izzy said...

After sending you photos of that coat with fur-lined pockets, I have since purchased way too many potential autumn favorites. What's yours?

Style Salvage Steve said...

Anonymous: I know how you feel! Do let us know and if you fancy it, take a picture and email us.
Izzy: I'm waiting for my photographer to return from Paris before revealing mine. I too have gone a little crazy buying autumnal items.

Market Savant said...

The cashmere coat is the first thing I'll buy with my winning powerball ticket. Ok, not the first, but when luxe meets cool...

Mae said...

I especially loved the scarf.. :-)


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