Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Treasured Items... Dal Chodha

As snapshots from tradeshows and faraway catwalk accounts whizz before my tired eyes at breakneck speed, I have to confess that a momentary change of pace and focus is needed for my sanity. As we are all shown glimpses in to the future with the unveiling of the SS12 season it is all too easy to become muddled and confused about the present and the past. As a needed respite (for me atleast), I'd like to unveil our latest feature series, Treasured Items. 

Now, I've refrained from using the term 'new' to describe this series because it has been appropriated from the second issue of b magazine. In a feature entitled Wardrobe Stories the likes of Harris Elliot, Charlotte Mann, Tim Blanks and Lulu Roper-Caldbeck all revealed their most treasured sartorial possessions and told the story behind them. Cherished items included a Christopher Nemeth jacket, an APC dress, a Junya Watanabe Hawaiian shirt and a Camilla Staerk clutch. It was a pleasure to read these wardrobe tales and it is something I'd like to regularly replicate here.  Instead of consulting his lawyer, b magazine's very own Dal Chodha has agreed to kick start our series and helps us realise that there's more to menswear blogging than the goings on at the latest fashion week.


Dal Chodha and the treasured charity shop find


"Peering through my closet, looking for something that I ‘cherish’ was difficult and through the process, I was forced to recognise that I’m not the sort of person that gets very emotional about objects (especially not clothing.)

This seersucker, grey and navy stripe shirt was bought in a charity shop about six years ago for only a few pounds and it has gone on to define a lot of my sartorial choices. The shirt itself was once made by hand – maybe as a part of some costume – it has no care label or washing instructions and the shape is somewhat mistaken, which is the reason I love it so much. It’s very short on the body and cut very square, the sleeves are very stunted too, reminding me of something Jacques Tati might have worn. As Ian Batten told me recently, ‘menswear is all about proportion.’" Dal Chodha



Matthew Spade said...

this is going to be a good series

rothco said...

Very nice post

Jane said...

looking forward for these...thanks for sharing..


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Disneyrollergirl said...

Ah I think I'm going to enjoy this series....

Eyeweardaily.com said...

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Brandon said...

Agreeing with Mat here. This is what it's all about in the end, the pieces we want to be buried in.

Dal really picked a winner here, those strange fitting garments are often the most personal too. It's like you have to fight against them and in doing so you develop a sense of kinship.

Ca said...

Wonderful idea! Going to be a lovely series.


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