Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Woooyoungmi SS12


It has been a couple of days since my whistle-stop weekend tour of Paris menswear fashion week and as temperatures soared, I needed this time to take stock off all that I had encountered. Despite focusing most of my attention on tradeshow and showroom visits, I was fortunate enough to take my seat at one of the real highlight shows of the season so far, Woooyoungmi. Now, we have long admired how this label's garments are streamlined and enriched with details and styled finishes but for SS12 vibrant colour and print are added. This heady mix provided a most agreeable summer friendly cocktail.

Here, Woooyoungmi continued along its path of quiet revolution, as it looked to reinvent the wardrobe for men without frightening them but introduced dazzling colour and prints for the first time. The bright orange, lemon sorbet, acid yellow and watermelon green palette was certainly a surprise. It might have whisked me back to the gelato cabinet of my favourite ice cream parlour Morellis, but these bright hues were equally at home within this holiday wardrobe. Like most of us do when the warmer months approach, Wooyoungmi and her sister Woojanghee looked to the film The Talented Mr Ripley for inspiration. However, here they take the traditionally stylish wardrobes of the Minghella masterpiece and inject a dash of modern quirkiness to help create their sophisticated resort wear and undoutedly injected more energy in to the season.

A raffia theme runs throughout, visors, bags and tops in the fabric capture a playfulness that is offset by the sophistication of relaxed tailoring. By embracing unique prints for the first time and experimenting with elements of active wear. a graphic edge is added to the easy silhouette. Furthermore, accessories highlight the easy summer mood with bags that are designed to be strapped across the back or worn around the waist for leisure time. Hats and visors keep the sun off the face and jelly soles bring freshness to more altogether classic shoe styles.

The now signature Woooyoungmi detailing was evident throughout, if just with a little more subtlety than in previous season. This blogger excitedly snapped away as the models paraded down the runway and captured just a selection of the them. Now, gorge on the detail... 


Now, if you need to see more of the collection than my excitedly snapped detail shots allow then please do watch the video show below.


Duck said...

Loving the neon orange and the green! Sadly wasn't invited to Wooyoungmi :( xx

Ordinary Londoner said...

definitely one of the best collections for SS12!


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