Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Details... Affordable Hermes

A trio of colourful Hermes badges teamed up with a pair of striking pair of shorts from H&M in a particularly Hermes-esque hue of orange.


style point said...

very nice pics xx

Matthew Spade said...

'kin hell, bright shorts! nice colour

Unknown said...

dope colors :)

Sean Santiago said...

nice! Love the high/low mix when it's executed so playfully..

Duck said...

By affordable... how much are we talking for some badges?

Style Salvage Steve said...

Style Point, Mat and Maggie: Thanks, my day needed a bit of colour!
Sean: Completely agree, it is sadly quite rare to see it pulled off so well though.
Duck: The affordable part was mostly in reference to the H&M shorts that came in that striking Hermes orange. However, I can't imagine the badges being expensive. They were handing out free one's at Port Elliot over the weekend.

miguel said...

Great color for the season.
I would like to see trousers in these color expresions.



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