Sunday, 31 July 2011

Treasured Items... Paul Vincent

Having premiered our well received Treasured Items series well over a month ago, we've found ourselves distracted by the recent flurry of AW11 look books and the unveiling of SS12 products across the continent and beyond. After forty days and nights of the new and the future, we've acquired a thirst for the tangible and items that have a real narrative to them as opposed to being dreamt up by an excited pr. Here, S.E.H Kelly's very own Paul Vincent continues our series of wardrobe tales and reminds us that there really is more to menswear blogging than the goings on at the latest trade show or glimpse of a runway.


Paul Vincent and the tortoiseshell spectacles


"I've had these frames for several years. Quite how you pack so much bonhomie and character into a few ounces of tortoiseshell I'll never know.

There are so many places to buy spectacles now that, were the worse to happen, a replacement pair probably wouldn't be too tricky to come by. But it'd never be quite the same, would it?" Paul Vincent


Mat said...

i can see why he loves the so

Syed said...

Those look gorgeous (I'm wearing something pretty much identical right now!).


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