Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Details: Wrist stacking

Daniel Jenkins in Paris wearing a Sibling skull breton, &i houndstooth shorts, Seiko kinetic watch and two Links of London friendship bracelets that he pinched from his mate. One is a black and grey woven bracelet with little silver skulls and the other is woven with what he's decided to call silver dolly mixtures.


Joseph Patterson said...

very hard to do without looking 'high street' but done here excellently, the nautical stripes work beautifully!


KS said...

Lovely, but I think that it would look much better if the nuggets on that bracelet were GOLD.

TheBlueEyedBoy said...

Very nice association of bracelets.

Sammy said...

Nice bracelets! I really like your blog!! It's great!! =D

XO, Sammy

miguel said...

When does it become to much?
Not that this is, this was nicely done, very tasteful.
I don't wear much jewlery but have thought of buying a bracelet or two.



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