Sunday, 4 September 2011

Alfred Dunhill Autumn Winter Eleven/Twelve

Alfred Dunhill Autumn Winter Elven/Twelve

For AW11, Dunhill quietly and confidently stepped away from the theatre and bright lights of the runway and instead offered a sleek, luxurious and intimate experience at its real home, Bourdon House. Those of you unfamiliar with Bourdon House, it is the ultimate in masculine luxury and retail lifestyle. Formerly the London residence of the Duke of Westminster, it reflects Alfred’s own legacy as a curator of the very finest, offering not only superlative product but the ultimate in services and experience too. Back in February its opened it doors and room contained a collective of well tailored models which celebrated themes dear to the house including culture, provenance, discovery and elegance. A few months on and with the second installment of its popular and insightful Voices ad campaign in full swing, Dunhill's Autumn Winter Eleven/Twelve publication lovingly returns to these themes and celebrates true craftsman.

From Alex Bilmes piece on Martin Scorsese through a product showcase of truly great British design to a celebration of South pole explorers, the editorial is beguiled by various masters of their fields. As much of the world clamours over modern life, it feels wildly satisfying that such craftsmanship and dedication to the arts continue to whisper to those that are willing to listen. Here, Dunhill points a well crafted microphone in their direction and quietly watches these experts at work. The issue submerses itself in their artisanal expertise and revels in the sheer and real pleasure of excellence. On a wet Sunday afternoon, it was an utter delight to flick through...
Culture dressed up in a shearling collared cavalry twill overcoat in charcoal.

Culture dressed up in a twill three piece suit in Navy.

Discovery dressed up in the silk Arctic parka with beaver fur lining in Navy.

Time should not be a concern when producing the very best of something. 
A Namiki will take up to six months to create.

The only car that causes my heart to flutter, the uber sleek Jaguar e type.

Explorers of the deep South. 
Valeria Borrajo photographed when the temperature was minus forty three degrees Celsius.

No item in modern fashion history holds the universal allure, or the capacity for transformation than the tux. 
It is the single magic whose message and power are instantly communicable. 

As I flicked through this publication there were moments that warmed the heart, ignited the mind and left me longing for a life of luxury. As a child, I would linger over the laminated pages of an Argos catalogue and dream. All grown up, my eyes now linger on a 14 Bike Co. frame and a perfect white shirt by Dunhill. Still dreaming. 

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