Thursday, 1 September 2011

Treasured Items... Glenn Kitson

There are few items within menswear that provoke as much debate and obsession as denim commands. Geekery aside, regardless of where you live, what you do or what size you are, chances are if you have a quick rummage through your wardrobe you will encounter a few pairs of jeans in there some where. We all have our favourites and after giving it much thought, Glenn Kitson has chosen his pair of Levi's XX 1967 XXs for his most treasured wardrobe possession.

Glenn Kitson and the well worn pair of Levi's XX 1967 505s.


"When Steve asked to me to find my most treasured item I spent weeks chewing it over, it was always at the back of my mind. You see, I wanted to look cool in front of my peers, do I pick something really obscure even though I don't wear it that much or do I choose something really exclusive and expensive? I pondered on it...

Eventually, it became obvious. I chose my jeans. Levis XX 1967 505. OK, so they're repros and in the world of crazy denim geeks, the fade probably isn't the best. But it's my fade. My wear and tear from work, cycling and raising a couple of kids."

A selection of detail shots showing the wear.

I've worn them in from raw, I sized up initially and had them tapered in quite blunt at the hem. I took them to an old Turkish tailor who when explaining that I wanted to keep the selvedge line nice and slim, shooed me away pridefully saying 'I know', needless to say, when I returned a week later to pick them up he hadn't listened to me and the selvedge edge is fat and chunky. But to be honest, I like them that way- they're unique. Its probably sacrilege to the hardcore denim nerds but to be honest, I'm not keen on their 'the way we used to live' fancy dress 'where's my steam engine' lifestyle/look. I live in the real world.

I could harp on about the history of denim and its primal association with an outlaw lifestyle but I won't ..Its bad enough that I'm sat here typing about my trousers... so anyway, there you have it. I like wearing my jeans."
Glenn Kitson is the co-founder of The Rig Out magazine (issue IV is a must read), a PR, stylist and many, many other things.  


Matthew Spade said...

i'm off to american next week and i'll be hitting one of the levi's warehouses, with jeans in mind. hope i can get some that look this good in years to come

Anonymous said...

The nicest products that Levi's makes these days are the reproduction vintage jeans. The denim is nicer, the fit is better, and if you line dry them, the character acheived from wear is truly beautiful.
Former Levi's creative manager here, worked in San Francisco for eight wonderful years. Was disappointed when the US factories were closed, but they still make the Shrink-to-Fit 501's and they are still the best jeans around.
Always nice to see a coveted pair of Levi's.
Robert Eames

Syed said...

I seriously need a new pair of raws to get started on again, my last pair are now tattered beyond repair.

Harry Hilders said...

Beautiful jeans, indeed!


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