Friday, 30 September 2011

ASOS Urban Tour - Berlin

The continued rise of ASOS is nothing short of remarkable. Launched over a decade ago as a small online retailer catering for people who wanted to dress like celebrities, the store has evolved in to an online retail powerhouse. World domination is certainly on the cards and with their latest campaign for AW11 they are sowing the seeds. Titled ‘The ASOS Urban Tour’, the campaign is an interactive digital experience which aims to uncover subcultures from across the globe and highlight the latest trends in culture, music, art and fashion from seven cities around the world―London, New York, L.A., Berlin, Paris, Tokyo and Shanghai. The simple idea behind it is that people draw sartorial inspiration from what they see around them and the site creates a digital hub of urban culture. However, the result is mind blowing with the seamless integration of entertainment, editorial and shopping. Having launched earlier this month, I'm sure you've all watched, interacted and bought the odd item by now. If this is all news to you, then check out the skaters of Paris.

On the flip side of the theatrics and awe inspiring nature of the films, a much more lo-fi element of the campaign sees me wake up in Berlin this morning. I'm afraid that there will be no dancing or in-line skating. After the buffet breakfast and having received some great tips from Sharpened Lead, 1972 Projects and Anastasia Duck on Twitter, I'm ready to explore the city in the sunshine.


Unknown said...

you're lucky - berlin has a gorgeous autumn this year (after a horrible summer) - have a great time!

IzziPasco said...

Wow this looks awesome! Way more fun thanmy job at the moment - I'm guessing people who are on here stand some chance of knowing so I'll ask - how do I get into this side of fashion? I do sales at the moment, which can be interesting, but I really want to do something a bit more, well, fashiony. Anyone know/ want to give me some tips?

AlyssaS said...

Brilliant. Now I love ASOS even more...

@IzziPasco: Wow you're like me a few years ago. Not sure what sort of sales you're in, but I was shop floor (designer shoe dept…). Anyway, I worked really hard and progressed a bit. I did some work experiencde ages ago (tip: get as much as you can, it can really help!) - now I'm looking for stuff that'll get me into merchandising which is what I wanted to do in the first place but never quite got there before. (Not dissing sales, and there's loads of potential there, but it just wasn't my thing) My favourite is Drapers (been reading stuff on there for years so thought it might be worth a go) Obviously I'm looking at this bit: but there are loads of other things.s o yeah... main tips: work experience and Drapers :) Hope it all goes well.


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