Monday, 15 July 2013

Details... Tanned treats

Artfully aged by the climate of Orange County for a few days, George Esquivel's brogues salute the sunshine of California.


Matthew Pike said...


Bougiehippie said...

These are brilliant but I cant help but to think...I bet these are painful without socks.

Modern Mans World said...

Wow, they are pretty cool. I can see them being paired with so many different outfits to achieve both dressed down and dressed up looks!

The "sockless" look is in but it also means that one needs to take extra care to maintain your shoes and prevent odour. Just my two cents. :)

Erwan Yale said...

This are so good! this is awesome and genius at the same time. It looks nice and slick at the same time!This is so good for styling your day on an occasion. I also would like to recommend this site for more styling tips and guide for men

Ally said...

Superb stylish post..great snaps...I loved that Moccasins for Men !!


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