Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Treasured Items... Hugo Lavin

As Susie dozed in the reclined seat adjacent to me, Varón Magazine was my ever alert and engaging companion for the duration of my flight to Los Angeles. As the rest of the cabin daydreamed of Hollywood, I was engrossed in the monochrome mastery contained within volume six of the handsome title. Simply meaning male in Spanish and only seen through a filter of grayscale, Varón is a complex publication. With editorials that strive for a certain timeless and effortless aesthetic alongside text that encourages the reader to think. With Daniel Whitmore's cover gaze provoking intrigue on the shelves, we asked Varón Magazine's Fashion Director Hugo Lavin to share the tale of his most cherished wardrobe item. Here, the Spanish born, London based fashion spins the yarns behind his favourite sweater. It might not (thankfully, see below) have won him a party prize but it's nevertheless a worthy wool winner...

Hugo Lavin and the unknown sailor sweater

HugoLavin_TreasuredItem copy

"I stumbled across this sailor sweater at a charity shop as I searched for a potential prize winning entry for a party themed as 'The ugliest sweater party'. When I saw it it seemed to whisper my name. I instantly fell for its charms and couldn't resist it for three pounds. Obviously I didn't win the ugliest sweater award, as it was the best one on show.

It doesn't have any identifiable branding. It's made of very thick wool and reminds me the of the city where I come from: Santander. Sailor men arrive every morning to the port with this chunky sweatesr and their rain-coat. As a child I developed an obsession with the sea. Also, it reminds me that my adopted city of London and the North of Spain are very similar, so I feel at home.

The sweater itself is quite small but I love this kind of feeling that a garment it's getting small because you're growing up (back in the days to my childhood). This tiny, deep blue sailor wool sweater has probably been alive for a long time but will be continue with its new life with me for many years to come. Here's to a long life for the unknown sailor sweater." Hugo Lavin

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Matthew Spade said...

Seems like the moral of the story is don't go looking, things will happen


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