Monday, 29 July 2013

Home is where the Selby is


"A box of illicit candy that I received at camp," was the most cherished parcel that Todd Selby ever received by mail. Sent with love from his family, the memory of that considered confectionary has whet his appetite once more. Aiming to wrap up a similar bundle of excitement for a coming of age audience that longs to receive tangible post, the creative has collaborated with luxury lifestyle service Svbscrption and explored a familiar theme.

Launched in May 2012 by Andrew Apostola, Sam Wheeler and Marc Goldenfein in New York, Svbscription has fast become a quarterly Santa Claus for its family of subscribers, an ever growing channel for receiving timeless and rare objects and experiences in the mail. Every three months its members receive a special parcel curated around a specific theme. Having previously delivered parcels around the themes of travel, study, leisure and the collector’s edition, Svbsciptions have collaborated with the photographer, illustrator and author around the concept of Home.

"I believe that home is the most important place. It is where you keep your treasure and build your memories. I also find my house to be one of the few places where I can relax. As I travel so much, my time at home is very important and I really appreciate and cherish each day I get to spend in my home."

Given that he has spent the past five years peeking through the keyholes of the world's most interesting and creative homes, he's the ideal curator. The result? "A surprise box of unique things for your house," is how Selby simply introduced Svbscription's latest parcel. Offering an enticing slice of The Selby’s world, it brings together work from some of his favourite design­ers, cohorts and cre­ators from around the world.

"It was really a simple process. The ideas was to ring up people I’ve been wanting to work with and brainstorm with them what type of products we come make fit into the parcel under the Home theme. This project gave me a chance to finally work with people I’ve photographed or met through my travels and collaborate with them in a different way."

With the help of a few of his favourite creatives and craftsman, Todd Selby and Svbscription have produced two limited edition parcels. Mine arrived on Friday afternoon. Two caskets of curiosities  Despite having interviewed Selby, I had, like each and every one of the subscribers, absolutely no idea what was inside. It was a treasure trove that treated every sense. Objects that encouraged cooking, entering, tasting, decorating, lighting and scenting. They included a money box/vase by Everyday Needs and Martino Gamper, a bison leather keychain by Los Angeles based leather design company Parabellum,  a dark chocolate bar from Mast Brothers wrapped up in the Selby's unmistakable illustrations, further playful scrawls by his hand repurposed as stickers, a scented candle by Coqui Coqui Perfumes and a recipe box of Home Style Recipes by The Selby and submissions from friends including Eric Ripert, Alice Waters, Tom Sachs and Violet's very own Claire Ptak. Delicious.

The packages settle in to their new home.

With periodic pauses filled with promise, Svbscription is part dis­covery, part expe­ri­ence. Todd Selby harmonised his voice with that of the service perfectly, who or what is next? The upcoming address etched on Svbscription's magical mystery mail sees it explore the theme of the unexpected. Wait with excitement for the postman. If you really can't wait, a few boxes of the above treats are available at Colette now.


Matthew Pike said...

This is a pretty unique experience, it's like birthdays and xmas rolled into one oaky box

Anonymous said...

Dude that is so cool! I still love getting mail, although most of it junk/bills now-a-days. But my Gran still rocks a letter and care package each birthday/Christmas.
Thanks for sharing


ritesh DESHMUK said...

wow!!! the outfit for men is so nice and the designers' work is so innovative.keep blogging.

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