Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Your obsession got you known throughout the school for being strange

Forgive me for paraphrasing Kylie here but I just can't get it out of my head. When my mind is blank, I'm bored with style and think that I'll never want to buy any new clothes again I remember it and daydream for a while...

Fear the razor
Oh purple suit, I love you so. It's no secret that I'm a fan of the Science of Sleep, but until now my love of The Suit has been kept hidden from even my nearest and dearest. But no more! The Suit and I are meant to be. The colour is so beautiful... not necessarily unusual (I have at least 3 tops in this colour, all bought in the same year) and not so in-your-face as to be annoying. I adore the shirt-style jacket with its solitary breast pocket.

MewCat ears and fabulous French actresses are optional accessories, but come highly recommended.

But have I been blinded by love? Has cupid's arrow made me oblivious to how difficult such beautifully coloured suits are to pull off in real life? No, it can't be true. Just keep remembering those lovely Ozwald Boateng suits in Selfridges and all will be fine.

Gratuitous Gael Garcia Bernal pic (I don't care if this blog is aimed at men, it's my blog and I can do what I want):

After mentioning your fascination with the purple suit in passing months ago I didn't realise that it was such a strong feeling that you were hiding from everyone, even me! I bought the film on DVD as soon as it came out but unfortunately there isn't an added feature solely focused on the purple suit. I agree that the colour is amazing. I actually wore a similar shade of purple today and received a comment from almost everyone at my office. It was a purple wool and cashmere sweater from the Autograph range and a present from my Nan. It has to be one of the best nan bought jumpers I've ever received...and there has been many! Ok, back to the suit, aside from the great colour, the cut and style of it is interesting. I'm not sure I would like it in any other colour though.


Pret a Porter P said...

it was a cute movie.

Anonymous said...

I consider myself a pretty edgy dresser...but a purple suit...I say go for it!

Thomas said...

Speaking as a man, you can post as many pictures of Gael as you want. Le rowr. As for the suit - I say yes. And the movie was more than cute - was it as good as Eternal Sunshine? No. But it was a fascinating stretch by a very talented artist. And how many directors would you call an artist these days?

Anonymous said...

An exquisite suit indeed, such a vivid purple, opulence incarnate!


Unknown said...

it is a supremely good colour and an unusal cut, but does it just look good because it's on the lovely Gael? hmmm.
full marks for the B&S lyric tho..

Anonymous said...

well, I looks beautiful indeed and I totally understand how you feel about it ;-)

I still wonder though if I'd thought this way if it wasn't Gael, if it wasn't filmed but I had it on my hands, etc. Still, I agree that I would not have it in any other colour.

Did I make any sense?

Anonymous said...

gab can wear anything and i would love it. even if he is a total nutter in the film (which i love)

Anonymous said...

..from where, pray tell, would one obtain such a marvellous suit? ..i must know..

Adam said...

Does anyone know where I could buy a suit just like this?


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