Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Dunks Boogie Woogie

I just saw the news on getkempt and sneakerfiles that Nike SB are releasing a pair of dunks inpsired by the man known as the 'father of geometric abstraction' (I often wonder what I'll be the father of) - Piet Mondrian.

To me these are perfect for Summer...I normally shy away from trainers with more than two colourways but the use of multiple colors here does not detract from the overall cohesive simplicity of the dunk design (that we all know and love) in fact I think the primary colours enhance the simplicity of the shoe.

I will leave you with a quote from Hannah Hoch on Mondrian "Everything in his life was reasoned or calculated. He was a compulsive neurotic and could never bear to see anything disordered or untidy. He seemed to suffer acutely, for instance, if a table had not been laid with perfect symmetry" (I sometimes wish I was like this....)


Thomas said...


Sorry...but WHAT THE HELL?

Mondrian is my favourite artist, and I've been wanting a pair of Nike Dunk Lows and now...

(becomes unintelligble)


Brilliant. I spent a long time at MOMA just looking at his signature.

dlittlegarden said...

Oh my lord! I must make these mine. Now!

EJ said...

Really? I'm not so keen. They look incredibly 80s (*cough*andalittlebittacky*cough*)

littlemissme said...

They *are* very eighties, but in a very "the eighties are back" sort of way. A good way.

j said...

Ya I like them. And I don't get the 80's comments. Everything with color wasn't invented in the 80'3...Mondrian for one. But I'm afraid if I got them scuffed he'd hate me.

Style Salvage Steve said...

I agree with J, Mondrian would look down despairingly at any scuff marks, he might even come back as a perfectionist zombie and that would be scary...if George A Romero is reading this I think I've given him his next project.


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