Monday, 5 May 2008

Jewellery: Tatty Devine

I really like Tatty Devine: bold, often funny designs that could be worn by a woman or a man. Many of their brooches could be used to liven up a suit or to add a bit of humour and interest to a more casual outfit.

The volume knob brooches above (£24 each) are pretty typical of their stuff- and who hasn't wished that a particularly noisy friend had one of these? I like how they come in such a wide range of colours too.

The special range they've done for the Gilbert and George exhibition at the de Young museum in San Fransisco is especially good. Attached to your jacket you could use this brooch as a subtle way to test out potential friends, perhaps? (and you could always pretend it's Morcambe and Wise!)
Other bits I like:

- Jarv Specs necklace, £35 (great for channelling one of our favourite gents)

- Undone bow tie necklace, £23 (would look great with a shirt)

- Price ticket cufflinks, £24 (funny and sweet)

- Artist's moustache necklace, £23 (for those of you that are unwilling or unable to grow your own)


Anonymous said...

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Nihaal said...

check it out you might just like it (its all about interiors)

Anonymous said...

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