Sunday, 25 April 2010

Style Stalking... Dapper Kid

It has been far too long since we've lurked in the shadows and enjoyed one of our favourite past times, style stalking. To make up for it the lack of sartorial voyeurism on the blog we have a real treat for you. Dapper Kid has been a constant fixture on our blogroll and has provided us with a great deal of stylish food for thought and eye candy over the years. So who better to continue our Style Stalking feature than the lovely Syed? Please sit back and enjoy the perfect start to a Sunday morning with a spot of people watching as we focus our gaze on Dapper Kid. Now, Syed is a guy who has a little fun each morning while getting dressed and understands that the little details can make all the difference. Below is an introduction to the most dapper of kid's style by the man himself along with six of his looks for the new season...

"If we consider language to be not only the verbal and textural, but rather the signs with which we represent our dialectic with the world then dress is language, to which garments are the syntax. In that respect I choose my outfits, in this case my language, according to which syntax I feel helps express my feelings on any given day. I do not usually dress according to my emotions, but rather my state of mind, because it is easier and far less exposing. I tend to dress to complete images I have in my mind, which are more often than not fragments of a whole that I need to draw together and try to finish when actually dressing. It is like making a puzzle without knowing what the finished image actually is. You know from the loose pieces what the image is roughly like, however it is only when you put it together that you fully understand and appreciate what you were working towards. Then again, if nothing else, I try to have fun when dressing, because really that is all that matters!"

Day One: "I woke up on a cold, cloudy and sleepy morning, and thought rather enviously of everybody else seemed comfortably tucked up in bed and under covers. It was overcast and rather grey and I knew that I would be working all day so I really wanted to go with something colourful and comfortable. I have never really been one to dress ultra dark and brooding when I feel down, and it is the same with when the weather is somewhat less than ideal. If you do ever see me wrapped up in full black and with a cloak...well it probably means that Ann Demeulemeester received my love letters and sent some clothes my way. Anyhow, it was all about bright colours to make me smile. I am rather fond of the shoes, which are actually an orange suede. Apologies for the raised eyebrow, it was a long day."

Day Two: "I always feel that men overlook mohair all too easily, although admittedly this sweater is perhaps not for the faint of heart. Again it was about comfort and the experience of dressing. When considering dress you always have to keep the bodily experience of it in mind, because clothing is after all worn. Whilst I often dress in order to complete a look I have in my mind, other times it is about the experience of wearing. This is one of those occasions, because I went with the mohair sweater and mohair scarf just to feel cosy. It is warm, inviting and probably my version of walking down the street in sweats. The red peaking out from underneath is not actually part of the sweater but simply a long sleeve top. I like playing with colours under the loose knit, especially against the red highlight of the cuff. If any fashion history buffs seem to recognise the sweater design, it is actually a copy of an old McLaren-Westwood design, from their King's Road heyday."

Day Three: "Photobooth is perhaps not the best tool for recording an outfit, but this was after a rather long day! I think a lot of men are scared of suits because it either reminds them of work, or they simply feel uncomfortable in them. I have somewhat of an opposite reaction, I feel at ease in the uniformity and elegance of a suit. If you have a well fitting suit, you have the greatest of raw materials to build upon. You can play around with your shirts, ties and accessories with the knowledge that you suit is keeping you safe and looking good. In this case I went with a white shirt, maroon and green paisley bow tie, maroon wool cardigan, maroon paisley silk pocket square, black mohair wool suit, red socks, black brogues and a handmade lego heart brooch. I threw in a shot of me in a state of undress just because I think all men should aim to learn how to tie their own bow tie. Plus there is nothing better than undoing your bow tie and letting it hang at the end of a long day!"

Day Four: "This was a simple bit of colour blocking. It was a bit of a challenge I set myself in all honesty. I have never felt like one of those people who are naturally stylish (whatever that term even means), so every now and again I try to dress well with just the basics. Where basics are concerned it is obviously a matter of fit, and this case was no different. The red raglan sweater is a red velour, which I bought for two reasons. The first was I loved the way light plays off the surface of velour. The second was that I ran across a store just to stroke it, and if a garment elicits that kind of a response from you, it is probably wise to buy it! I own only two pairs of blue denim jeans, and these are one of those pairs. I pegged the hems just to show off the red socks a little, as well as give a more casual look to the outfit."

Day Five: "I find it impossible to buy suits - I am too tall and too skinny for most off-the-peg clothing so I am particularly fond of this suit with its slightly thinner revers. Unfortunately I felt that the black buttons were a tad off-kilter and although the pinpoint texture was nice, it still needed a little extra twist. As such I actually replaced the two buttons on the front and the two cuff buttons with porcelain and enamel floral buttons that I bought from the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Anybody who knows me knows my fondness for florals, and Spring/Summer is the perfect time to express that love. Indeed I went with a floral pocket square (I am actually slowly building a collection of Liberty print floral pocket squares) and a heart shaped porcelain and enamel floral brooch. I may just be slightly flower mad and have a thing for hearts, but there we are, it could be worse. Underneath I wore a pink oxford shirt and navy wool sweater. A floral shirt would have unfortunately been overkill, however I would if I could."
Day Six: "This was a running around outfit that was admittedly more Fall/Winter appropriate in terms of colour scheme and materials, however the silk neckerchief was my nod to a more summery elegance. The silk neckerchief was actually the pocket square from Day Three! I am quite the fan of corduroy, although it does seem to get a bit of a bad rep because it is considered old-fashioned. That being said however, fashion is always looking to the past, and this generation's obsession with thrifting clothing is perhaps changing that association. As usual the trousers are fitted because with your general straight cut I tend to look like a scarecrow as opposed to a man in general trousers - darn my spindly legs. I tucked the corduroys into some brown brogue boots, which I wrapped and tied around my ankles rather than at their intended end. I think it is more of a street wear inspired finish, however was also practical when tucking my trousers into my boots."


Syed said...

Yay! Thank you SO much for the opportunity :)

William said...

Really nice blog, love the way you mix up a classic suit by replacing the buttons and adding the lego heart. Very individual and original style. Visit my blog, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the content.

Pret a Porter P said...

Phenomenal. All well thought out outfits, down to the littlest nuance. Replacing the suit buttons with the floral ones was a neat touch.

Ad said...

I love his sense of colour and how he thinks about the small details more than most guys. This is the best kind of stalking.

Jesue Valle said...

choice of colours are spot-on! If I ever see you in any of these outifts walking the streets, I'd be soo green with envy.

joy said...

I love Style Stalker, my favorite segment on this blog. Although I don't like all his duds I really enjoy his creative process. I have added him to my reader.



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