Friday 1 July 2011

Style Stalking... Street Peeper

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It is at times like this, when we are all a little weary of the goings on of the catwalk, the sight of Street Peeper Phil snapping away at the fashion crowd offers a welcome respite. Now, the mass of street style photographers that pound the streets in search of the stylish is every growing but Phil has been doing it since late 2006. He's a regular on the circuit, frequently awash of print and pastel. His colourful ensembles have the ability to both dazzle and soothe all at the same time. Unfortunately, he is rarely found on the other side of the lens...until now.

On our recent jaunt to Singapore and Tokyo we were joined by the street style veteran and I took full advantage of it in every sense. With Phil as our guide we were able to feed off of his knowledge of the Japanese capital. We gorged ourselves on everything from the finest tonkatsu to the very best designer bargains. However, Phil's need for shopping was exactly that. As he knew nothing of the trip beforehand, this jet setter had ventured to the East straight from a wedding in Mexico and landed clutching the smallest of suitcases. His hand luggage included two pairs of shoes, a shirt or two, two pairs of trousers (one with an increasingly obscene rip on the rear) and very little else. Over the course of his seven days in Tokyo, Phil set about adding to his holiday wardrobe. In addition to consuming all that the city had to offer in terms of both retail and food treats, Phil was there to work. Whilst he shot the stylish folk of Tokyo, I lurked in the shadows and peeped the peeper. Below is a three day style diary and a record of his growing wardrobe. Ordinarily, Phil is quite the talker but when it comes to his style he is surprisingly quiet. Probably because his clothes do the talking for him.


Day One

Before the real shopping started....


Perks and Mini shirt with white polka dots
SFK camera strap
Comme des Garcons trousers
Cos belt
Happy Socks
Merci Beaucoup shoes

Day Two

The fruits of the trip to Gotemba and frequent dashes around the various Ragtags on show during a spot of snapping...


Marni Top
Dries trousers
F-Troupe shoes
Lover tote
SFK camera strap

Day Three

Taking to the streets in yet more bargains...


Comme des Garcons Ganryu top shirt
Peter Jensen purple gingham
Jil Sander trousers
Merci Beaucoup shoes
Tsumori Chisato tote

Hopefully this three day diary has whet your appetite for more print and colour. All going well we will peep the peeper all over again when he is next in town for fashion week.


Milan Boya said...

wooow really chic!!

Matthew Spade said...

very cool, love the mix of patterns. polka dot socks with stripes/checks is such a good combo, going to have to try that

Adam said...

So that's Phil. Great mix of colour and print. Fun style!

Brandon said...

Phil is my hairsperation right now. Love how he basically bought an entirely new wardrobe in 3 days, especially that Marni top. Fantastic, whimsical and upbeat style, Phil needs to be peeped more often. Speak of Steve this here quote :

"I lurked in the shadows and peeped the peeper."

caused a major LOL moment. Screen had to be cleaned.... Gross I know.

Sean Santiago said...

I need to start wearing socks more often...I feel as if they have untapped potential, especially brightly colored/patterns ones, especially worn to be seen in the summer!

Zankhana said...

really nice posts...there are very few blog which highlight such interesting post abt men fashion..i enjoyed .

Unknown said...

Spots and stripes together! I love it! That man has class.


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