Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Autumn Favourites... Stevie Kelly

Some of you might be forging ahead with thoughts of Christmas and a new year but we still want to celebrate these mornings where we can layer, wrap and protect ourselves in an assortment of comfortable and practical fabrics. As belated fireworks light up the sky, the infamous coca cola truck streams across the television screen, crisp leaves carpet the streets and the air has an ever increasing bite to it, this evening is the perfect time to share another selection of Autumn Favourites.

Stephen Kelly (Stevie Style) is a menswear stylist, writer, model, presenter and actor who enjoys a spot of seasonal sartorial fun. Here, against a backdrop of a sleepy Shoreditch, he pair an assortment of favourites alongside recent finds...

"Autumn is my favourite season for many reasons... the ability to add layers to an outfit, the celebration of all things cosy, soups, films, books and a good Sunday pint, it's when my birthday falls and the rich hues and colours we're surrounded by in nature. The last of these influence how I dress. I think the rich tones around us should inform the colours that we wear, a sentiment I saw echoed in a post by Style Salvage's very own Steve a few years ago. I have several varieties of garments in autumnal shades. From mustards and greens to plums and browns by way of camel and red, I enjoy getting in a few nods to the season throughout my outfit. All of which I'm looking forward to dusting off and wearing anew from their Summer slumber, these include a vintage camel Crombie, Dr Marten's Cherry red boots, a brown Acne leather jacket, Topman Design Tweed Wool trousers, a Carolyn Massey wool blazer and several cosy, colourful jumpers.

On this occasion  I might not be wearing obvious autumnal hues but my brogues and dark brown socks keep me happy along with the scarf and elbow patches on my sweatshirts. During the cooler months I love a coloured sock, I think it helps lift and brighten any outfit, even a dark suit can be playful with a hit of colour. As the weather is dark and grey who wouldd want their clothes to become dark and drab also? We all need a bit of colour."

"Coat is from Fred Perry - I love this coat, despite being a just a dark wool coat I love the football buttons, penny collar, the fit of it and the hidden polka dot lining. It can go from casual through to a more smarter look. Highly versatile.
Shirt is by Libertine Libertine - a brand I recently discovered and am a big fan of.
Jumper by Suit - a sweatshirt is a great transitional piece from summer to winter to keep out the cold before turning to the knitwear, all men should have one in grey, it's a key wardrobe staple.
Scarf was picked up  from somewhere in Scotland, not entirely sure where. My Nan got it me for Christmas a few years ago, but it has great colours and it's super soft cashmere so keeps me warm as the temperature drops.
My jeans are from Edwin - these are relatively new to my wardrobe but I love them, the colour and cut are just what I've been after and their quality will see me through many seasons to come.
The brown socks are from Uniqlo
The shoes are by Grenson - I've had these for years and I love them. They desperately need to be resoled but I'm struggling to part with them for the time that it would take!" Stevie Style.


Matthew Spade said...

Stevie rocks, he always looks tip top

Ed said...

Great outfit, out of interest, which Edwin Jeans are those?

Stevie Kelly said...

Hi Ed, they're ED-55. Hope that helps. Cheers for the kind words. Stevie


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