Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Prolonged life despite the seasons

It has to be agreed that the seasons play a major role in determining what a person can wear but at times an individuals desire to wear a certain item can take precedence over the practicalities of actually wearing it. For some people this is not an issue but I can be found guilty of milking the teats dry when it comes to wearing my favourite pieces. In this instance I am referring to wearing my mac which i bought in Stockholm in May and I've been reluctant to take off since (thankfully the summer wasn't that great and it has been pretty mild up to now). Yes, I've got many other options available to me but my minds made up and when I'm like this I just have to wear something until it splits at the seams and literally falls off my body. I have been devising ways to wear my coat during the winter months by teaming it up with some fingerless gloves that were picked up in Topman (the accessories section has improved significantly for this season, yes there are many terrible scarves but there are some hidden gems, especially within the belts area). The gloves/armwarmers have got me through until now but something has to be added to the outfit or my teeth with chatter and just annoy everyone around me. So, this weekend a chunky knit is top of my need list. As has been the case throughout this season I am taking inspiration from the fall 07 Burberry Prorsum Collection.


Anonymous said...

Bailey is truly a master of menswear. So young and yet so confident in his aesthetic and just so...capable.

I've despised the Topman Accessories section! It just seems so horridly overpriced and the quality leaves much to be desired. I prefer a good old eBay-scouring for my appendages.


Unknown said...

I saw some Cashmere fingerless wristwarmer things; precisely what you need. they're from Brora...
Cheers for the comments BTW, and at the risk of getting all backslappy, your blog's pretty brill as well...

EJ said...

topman accessory sales are veritable goldmines though! (not that i've ever been one to turn my nose up at bargains) i ALWAYS manage to find something decent for a pound, much to steve's annoyance.

i know what you mean about wearing things to death, weather appropriate or not although i have at least 10 coats. if you're going to go down that route though make sure you've got enough layers on, at least one of them thermal. there is no shame in thermals.

i'm so desperate to get back to blogging... i've got at least a week more before we get the net sorted, nightmare!


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