Monday, 19 November 2007

Result of 'you can't buy style but you can make it'

OK I admit it...I didn't create the above (Sandra Backlund did) but after visiting EJ in her beautiful new flat I have learned a new skill not nearly as accomplished or as beatiful as this piece but I had to start somewhere. The whole experience of knitting began for me in one of Manchester's haberdasheries where I acquired some extremely cheap thick wool (about £10 for 10 balls of wool, enough to knit one of the longest scarves imaginable!). The needles chosen were 15mm. Nice and big so that any knitting performed would look much more impresive than it actually was. After casting on for me and running through the basic knit stitch, the garter stitch (knit stitch all the way). After a few mistakes, most of these were me creating extra stitches or dropping stitches (sometimes both at the same time). All in all I was most impressed with myself and got the hang of it much sooner than I thought I would and I knitted stitch after stitch wherever I could. However, any knitting ego was eventually deflated on the long train back into London after I lost my knitting way and made an unrepairable mistake and the scarf in the making that was being knit by my newly trained hands became a scarf no more. I lost my concentration after a number of stitches because the person in front of me was watching anime and I became cocky thinking I could both watch and knit at the same time (well my nan can watch Coronation Street whilst knitting the most intricate and detailed of woolen garments!). However, I am not going to let this mistake put me off knitting. The weekends experience has only spurred me on to create something spectacular (along the lines of Sandra Backlund)...or at least complete.

Please see the pics below of my effort:

The thick wool makes it appear my more work than it actually was!

A nice close up, I have no idea what went wrong. I just lost my way. Oh well.

It is time to pick up those knitting needles and resume the learning curve.
EJ - It's looking good, Steve. A lot less... holey. Keep it up!

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Anonymous said...

Ah! That's great! I know of few who can achieve that much on their first knitting day...

I do hope this mistake doesn't mean you have to introduce the much-feared, much-detested...."rip"....*gulps*!

I should try my hand at knitting since I could really do with a chunky jumper for Dec/Jan. I'm sure it'd be rather disastrous though!

Keep knitting!



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