Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Ice creams that I actually quite like...just don't offer me a flake as well

Have you heard the story about how I once got fired from my job at an Ice cream parlour located on Margate seafront? Well I'll tell you. I used to work from time to time in this little Ice cream outlet where I was by myself, bored silly...until I had a mad rush of customers from time to time. On cold days you can imagine how redundant and bored I felt. Well it was days like this that led to my downfall and ultimately got me fired. What would you do to occupy yourself, surrounded only by ice cream in various flavours (approximately 10, my favourite was mint choc chip), a whippy machine, boxes of cones and....flakes. It was the flakes that got me. I used to eat so many and to cut a long story short my employer didn't like my flake consumption and and the end of one weekend politely asked me not to come in the following weekend. Sad times indeed.

Moving back to the subject of menswear, I've not been a fan of the BBC range of clothing or the IceCream trainers but I have stumbled across the above during a recent visit to Kanye's blog. BBC/Ice Cream has just released the new Diamonds and Dollar shoe that looks like a hybrid between a boat shoe and a classic sneaker....The shoe features the notorious BBC/Ice Cream Diamonds and Dollars print printed all over the denim upper of the shoe. The White laces and White outsole give the shoe a classic look mixed with the denim Blue. It doesn't come with a flake though....What do you think?


Thomas said...

It works, but I'd rather it was made by someone else. Like you, the BBC has left me with a strong case of the "mehs." It reeks of a collaboration between an overrated fashion mind (Nobu) and an egotistic, once excellent, music producer (Pharrell).

Style Salvage Steve said...

It has been a little sad to see the gradual declien of Pharrell's career. Oh NERD were so good during the days of the first album...and Pharell was my hero around the time he grced the cover of The Face (I still have the copy)

Pret a Porter P said...

im a little confused, what's a flake? are those sprinkles?

EJ said...

candid cool: they're a type of chocolate bar that often get put in ice creams in the UK


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