Friday, 7 March 2008

Who has the hippest style?

So...have you got a favourite hip hop style icon. We at Style Salvage appreciate the individual styles of Kanye and Andre 3000, EJ's clear favourite is Mr 3000 himself but I'm not so sure...

In the red corner (because Kanye is so hot right now) we have Kanye West (the above shot taken with his girlfriend in Paris by the one and only Sartorialist) if you don't see his style credentials please check out this interview, here and here. Of course he likes Bape and Louis V but this guy isn't all about labels he is passionate about fashion, you can see from his blog that he reads highsnobiety and, he is a great consumer of fashion and I can certainly relate to that. I am a frequent reader of his blog and am constantly surprised by the clothes and designers that he features...he has great taste! There is of course talk of a fashion line and I am intrigued to see what comes out of it.
Below, in the blue corner (ice is kind of blue) we have Andre 'Ice Cold' 3000 who recently collected this award and of course he is working on his own clothing line. There can be no doubt that this Mr 3000 has a definite sense of personal style, it has evolved from a colourful hip hop style (by this I mean sampling a mish mash of colours and styles as opposed to just sneakers and gold chains) into a more refined style which has seen him collect silk scarves (one day i want to collect silk scarves)! Sources of his fashion inspiration include clothes from “Legends of the Fall” and “The Great Gatsby” and the “old men” in his neighbourhood.

Personally I can't choose between them, I'm going to sit on the fence and appreciate them both, in terms of their individual style and their understanding of fashion and how to look good. Have you got a favourite?

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j said...

What's interesting to me here is Hip Hop artists have a big influence on the way black kids dress here in the states (and they on what white kids wear). So are we going to see something more than baggy jail look jeans and t-shirts on kids?

Stylesalvage Steve said...

J - I do hope so. In turn there are definite repercussions from the US kids onto the UK kids. I still think that style of jail look jeans and far too big t shirts will exist but lets hope for more variety. I have already noticed a slight change towards this variety but i must remember to take my camera out more often to capture these examples.

Thomas said...

I tend to feel Mr. Benjamin is dressed a little to consciously for my liking, as though he is constantly in costume as opposed to simply clothed. That said, Mr. West has an interesting sense of proportions...

I find it odd that unlike Andre, Mr. West hasn't delved into the clothing industry...

Stylesalvage Steve said...

Thomas - Mr West will be dipping his toe into the clothing industry very soon. He has said that he waiting on the right offer. I am much more excited by Kanye's future offerings than Andre's. i think kanye is going to surprise a few people, whereas I already know what Andre is going to put out...more Great Gatsby-esque costumes.


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