Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Style Stalking... Fode Sylla

For the last two consecutive seasons one of the real highlights of the year has been our visits to 16 Hanover Square at the beginning of London Fashion Week for the Showroom Next Door. The Touba Distribution curated showroom allowed us the opportunity to inspect and fantasise over a few of my favourite brands while introducing me to a few new ones. The idea behind the showroom was to create a wardrobe of menswear and they undoubtedly excelled. Each season the space became our dream walk in wardrobe the moment we stepped inside. More than that though, it is a space that exemplifies everything that we find exciting about menswear design; namely its diversity and constant sense of evolution and revolution. After a series of excited ramblings that saw us wax lyrical about a selection of real seasonal highlights we wanted to take stock and learn more about the Showroom Next Door and the people behind it. What better way than to style stalk Touba Distribution's very own Fode Sylla?

Now, we've had the pleasure of featuring quite a few seven day style diaries over the last couple of years but Fode's is without doubt the most honest and has been the easiest to stalk. From the moment we dropped him an email, he began documenting each of his outfits and on the seventh day, our inbox was treated to the complete series. Such a pleasant surprise. As the man himself didn't hang about, nor should we. Here are seven days of style with Fode Sylla...

Day One
Sunday morning. The sun was hesitant at first but the day was nice nonetheless. Time for a quiet wind down after the craziness of the festive period.

Jumper - Armorlux
Shirt - Uniqlo
Jeans - Kitsune
Glasses - Cutler and Gross vintage
Trainers - Nike

Day Two

Coat: Barbour
Jacket and Jeans: Sable Clutch
Boots: Crockett & Jones
Woolen Hat: Neighborhood
Glasses: Bruno Chaussignand
Chunky knitted scarf: The Inoue Brothers
Gloves: Takeo Kikuchi

Day Three

Melton Wool Coat : Lanvin
Sweat Shirt: Old Polo Ralph Lauren
Shirt: Junya Watanabe
Neckerchief: From Labour and Wait
Jeans: Vintage Levis 505
Mocassins: Be Positive (my favourite at the moment for smart and ultimate comfort amazing)
Rucksack: Comme des Garcon

Day Four
One of my late night and very early rise days...

Black Wool Suit: Raf Simmons
Gingham shirt: Comme des Garcons
Jumper: Casely-Hayford (one of my favourites. I wish I could wear it without layering it as it has an amazing neckline. Maybe some day after a few more visits to the gym!!!)
Pocket chief: Casely_Hayford
Boots: Comme des Garcons Homme Plus (a real must have)

Day Five
Another literally running out of the door, full on day...

Suit: Dior Homme
Centre button navy Jumper: The Inoue Brothers (super fine baby alpaca...)
Buttons down shirt: Comme Des Garcons
Bags: Mismo and H by Harris (heavily loaded and all over the place I know...)
Coat: Lanvin as before
Shoes : Hiroshi Tibouchi
Socks : Mark and Spencer
Umbrella: Burberry

Day Six

Navy Blazer: Casely-Hayford ( One of my Favourite Navies...)
Tank Top: Bailey (Ex Jigsaw Menswear, Remember that? They were doing great Menswear Stuff)
Shirt: Uniqlo
Jeans: Levis by Junya Watanabe
Fluro sock: Comme Des Garcons
Tassle Loafers: Cheaney
Glasses: Bruno Chaussignand.

Day Seven
Here comes sunny Saturday. Getting in the mood for pure relaxation

Cardigan: Tiger Sushi Fur (Great record Label (Tiger Sushi) now they do an amazing clothes range Allez La France, Never mind the name it is all Faux...)
Stripy Long sleeves T: Armorlux
Check Shirt: Uniqlo
Studded Belt: Ann Demeulemeester
Jeans: Kitsune (tres comfortable )
Plimsole: APC
Socks: Uniqlo
Sunglasses: Number Nine


Anonymous said...

Great post i'm a fan of these features, picture heavy and real people. I especially like the Raf Simmons suit Comme Des Garcons boot combination. I have just caught the shoe bug and would love to see a cross section of your collection steve. Would make a great post...

John said...

Lovin this series of posts. All the looks are strong but six is my personal favourite.

Style Salvage Steve said...

Anonymous: Thanks. I love that look as well! That is a great idea and I'll get on to it over the weekend for you. The shoe bug is highly contagious. What shoes have you bought recently?
John: Thanks. We have a few more on the horizon so you shouldn't have to wait too long for the next one.

Anonymous said...

Over the last few months i have purchased some Churches and some boots from Crocket and Jones this unfortunately has led my pockets to feel decidedly empty if you catch my drift. The bug certainly is contagious and my taste seems to be getting more and more expensive i would love these,


to be my next purchase but i can only dream..
Look forward to the post.

Wilson Davalos said...

Day 6 is my favorite outfit. The combination of the Uniqlo shirt and those Junya Watanabe Levis make a great pairing. I've haven't seen socks by Comme Des Garcons before. I know them for manufacturing great outerwear. For this season they a stunning toggle coat, I've seen it in Navy.

Joe said...

Any details on the Levis x Junya Watanabe denim? Can't get them out of my mind now...
Have any other shots of them?

Anonymous said...

New season junya/levis here. Take a look..


Anonymous said...

Especially liking the look with the Barbour Jacket. That coat is something! Great style stalk.


Anonymous said...

another nod for day 6. so smart. anyone have an idea where one might buy that Casely-Hayford blazer?

un abrazo,

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Ian Cunliffe said...

As ever - great styling Fode


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