Sunday, 2 January 2011

The comfort of grey jersey

Sweatshirt fabric. Marl. Heather jersey. Grey cotton jersey. Whatever you call it, there are moments when our weary bodies need to be soothingly stroked by, an always reassuring, bit of it. The last couple of days have been dominated by these moments for this blogger. From recuperating from a the hangover of 2010 to forced lounging by the city shut down induced by the fall of the festive break, grey cotton jersey (my preferred wording) has been a constant companion of mine and I have felt all the better for it. Thanks to the all too tempting Liberty sale, I recently discovered my latest faithful fabric companion in this sweatshirt from Raf by Raf Simons. 

For me, grey jersey is never boring but the addition of the neck detailing is very striking.

Now, there are many people who thrive on sale shopping. I however, dislike the hustle and bustle, the pushing and shoving and the frantic and generally needless consumerism. Having seen this particular item hanging on the rails a few months ago, my appetite was whet but the my size was nowhere to be seen. Months on and after being dragged to the sales, I soon found myself in the somewhat comfort of my favourite department store. I took a chance and ventured down to the basement. The gamble paid off. Having successfully navigated myself around the bargain hungry crowds, I happened upon rail and there it was, in my size and at half prize no less. How could I possibly refuse reduced grey jersey?

"Two slubbings or rovings of different colour of lustre are run together and drafted into one. In the worsted industry the term has a very precise meaning, and a number of sub-divisions are found, eg single marl, double marl. More generally the term is used loosely to describe a yarn showing two distinct colours' In the case of most items, if you look closely you will see a mottled blend of two shades of grey." 
The Amstey Weston Guide To Textile Terms on marl.

A closer look at the mottled blend of two shades of grey.

In the sixties, grey marl was almost like the denim of the sportswear world. It was a functional, traditional sportswear fabric. It then began to be worn not just for sport but also in a more casual way. Now, this particular fabric choice is a basic that is more often than not, an integral component of many wardrobes. It always feels easy, modern and right. Having been brainwashed by Susie long ago, I am now a devoted, borderline obsessive, disciple of grey jersey. There are times when it might be neglected but it will always be there whenever required. Of course, there are a myriad of options out there and we each find comfort in our own, ideal version. Once found, the perfect incarnation will no doubt provide years of faithful service. I'm certain that this new favourite will be worn and worn and worn.


Brandon said...

Grey jersey = best hangover cure ever. Welcome to 2011!

Anonymous said...

this is stupid
its like fake chest hair

Style Salvage Steve said...

Brandon Acton-Bond: Exactly! However delicate you might feel the morning after, grey jersey, a can of Dr Pepper and a bag of salt and vinegar crisp can cure any hangover.
Anonymous: You have blue and white chest hair? Remarkable. said...

Love it!! V. inspirational.

Check me out at:

Shane B said...

I'd love to wear this jersey and rub my chin on the hair again and again :)

Syed said...

Haha, I was actually debating buying this exact sweatshirt!

Style Salvage Steve said...

Shane Bailey: Now that's a great idea! Why didn't I think of that?
Syed: Great minds Syed, great minds...ha!

Jason said...

I want mr anonymous' chest hair, it sounds amazing.

Brandon said...

I love the turn of events the second comment caused. More posts on blue and white chest hair please!

Anonymous said...

Now I've seen a few jerseys, but none with that subtle detail. Grand.



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